5 reasons why you must have a mentor

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    5 Reasons Why You Need A Mentor and should get one soon as possible if you areon the road to online success

    What is the one thing all successful people have in common? Mentorship is vital for entrepreneurs of allages and in all stages of their success journey. You know that person you look up to and hope to become likeone day? Yes those are the mentors. And there are some good reasons why successful people have even moresuccessful entrepreneurs to look up to. This is especially important in the early days when an entrepreneur is stillinexperienced and a bit confused.

    In a nutshell this is how your relationship with a mentor will look like:

    M Motivates you to challenge yourself more than you ever wouldE Expects you to be the best version of yourselfN Never gives up on you or lets you to do itT Tells you sometimes a hurtful truthO Occasionally he will be the one to kick your but when you need oneR Really cares and helps you to your success

    When your instinct is still no that great why should you choose to take advice from older, successful entrepreneur?

    Here are the 5 reasons :

    1. Experience beyond your years

    Especially young entrepreneurs may sometimes think that they are the source of imagination and innovative thinkingin the market.

    But that skill usually comes from being challenged to think different, think out of the box like you never didbefore, by their mentors. How come?

    Well, they obviously been in this business longer and gained more experiences over the years. It doesn`t mean theyhave all the solutions and answers but it does mean that his years of experiences and your knowledge, enthusiasmcan be a recipe for a big success.

    2.Unbiased experienced opinion


  • Did you know that Steve Jobs was Mark Zuckerbergs mentor?

    You know that feeling you get when you get an amazing idea? When you push soo hard and so fast to achieve it thatyou might miss few important details.

    That is when you need someone to calm you down and to keep you going in a slower and more careful speed.

    And it is also great to get aclear constructiveargument.

    Imagine the scenario:You have an amazing butbold idea. You go to yourfriend or your parents andtell them what you big planis. They are totally freakedout and want to keep yousafe and will try talk you outof it, because they don`twant you to fail.

    All great, they love you.

    So does your mentor, butbecause he knows how toleave emotions out of it andis a third party that willmean that you will get a great feedback, honest and constructive.

    If he thinks it will work, he will not tell you for two hours what the risks are, but will support your big idea and keepyou focused on accomplishing it.

    3. Contacts

  • It is a good thing when you have someone who was and still is in the same industry that you are trying to get in. Thisalso means that he also knows many people and can help you meet them.

    This is priceless.

    4. Shortening the learning curve

    Mentors are often selected on matching their experiences with your needs. They can shorten your learning curvesignificantly with their past experiences and their fat notebook full of contacts.

    Learning the most important things before they even happen to you can prevent you doing stupid errors and goingdown the loong way full of mistakes.

    5. Memorising the best practices

    It is one thing to read, listen and see the mistakes other have made on their journey to success, but you won `t everget it if you don`t experience it, and at that time having a mentor to guide you through and change your perspectivefor you to be able to see that it is a great lesson is great.

    Did you know that learning and video at is best had only 20% retention rate. And if you work with a coach ora mentor your retention rate levels to 75% or more and ensures to prepare you for the future.

    So If you just realised that you need a mentor, we have just the right thing for you. Click here and join the SFMCommunity and get your own personal mentor who will guide you to success.


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    5 Reasons Why You Must Have A Mentor5 Reasons Why You Need A Mentor and should get one soon as possible if you are on the road to online successHere are the 5 reasons :Mary