10 Actionable Inbound + Content Marketing Tips

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Text of 10 Actionable Inbound + Content Marketing Tips

  2. 2. DAILY ENGAGEMENT ON TWITTER + LINKEDINUsing Feedly + Buffer, share 4 links on Twitter and 1 on LinkedIn everyday.And engage. From @DionneLew
  3. 3. #2USING HASHTAGS STRATEGICALLYFind out what #hashtags your target users use.For every content you share,use Hashtagify. me and add 1-2 #hashtags.
  4. 4. BLOGGER OUTREACHBefore approaching anyone for outreach,use this checklist:follow on Twitter,engage twice (commentl mention),comment on their blog,retweet,share their content.Then,email. From @A| exMTurnbull
  5. 5. BLOG POST ENGAGEMENTOn posts that attract traffic already,add a question at the end of the post to increase comments /engagement. From @NeilPate|
  6. 6. RESHARING CONTENTFind which of your content has done well on Facebook or Twitter using Buzzsumo.Then,re-share the content on Stumbleupon,Digg,relevant subreddits etc. From @rosshudgens
  7. 7. LEVERAGE QUORA QUESTIONSUse IITTT to find out what Quora questions (in your niche) need answers.Answer them with relevant links to your biogpost. From @darshu
  8. 8. POWER OF NON-BRANDED PAGESSetup a nonbranded generic Facebook page and start sharing content on it everyday.Connect with other brand pages and ask for a shout-out exchange.
  9. 9. QUICK LINK BUILDINGFind out websites that mention you/ your brand but don't link back.Email the webmasters to ask them to link back using the mentions. From @randfish
  10. 10. CONTENT REPURPOSINGMake 5-10 bullet points out of an existing content andconvert them into slide decks. Share them on Siideshare and other similar websites.
  11. 11. #1A/ B TESTING HEADLINESPost different versions of headlines on Twitter to test engagement/ CTR.Use the best one on Facebook. From @thatrobguy
  12. 12. How about some more actionable content + inbound marketing tips? Follow: 4.. . @kontent| ab /daily actionable content marketing tips