Winter Hacks Steven Brox

Winter Hacks to Keep You Warm

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Winter HacksSteven Brox

Cooking Spray

Spray non-stick cooking spray on your shovel to keep the snow from sticking to it while clearing your driveway


Use zip ties to add traction to your bike tires for those slippery winter days.

Wet Sock Blues

Wet socks from the slush outside? Bag your feet in sandwich bags before putting your shoes on.

Shoe Rack OrganizeUse a door hanging shoe rack to organize your hats, gloves, and scarves for the wind chill.

Warm Instead of Hot

Take warm showers to hedge against drying your skin out in the cold, dry climate winter brings with it.

Tin Foil Hack

Put a sheet of tin foil behind your radiator to optimize your house heat and reflect heat into your living space.

Recycle Oven Heat

Pop open your oven while it cools, after you’ve finished cooking to give the kitchen an added boost of warmth

Winter Setting

Hit the winter setting on your fan to spin it clockwise and funnel air back towards the ground. Heat rises you know.

Natural Power

The sun gives us a free source of heat during the daytime hours. Open your blind to let the sunlight in and close them at night to capture some extra heat.

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