Sark Landscape Photography Holiday

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  1. 1. The Isle Of Sark Photography Tour There are many beautiful sites that are found globally, but not many people know of their existence. Whilst popular locations like the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls are known by most, some locations are completely ignored as they are not as well known. This is not a bad thing at all however, as the less exposure to these areas the better they are preserved. One of the most gorgeous, as well as jaw- dropping sites is the Isle of Sark, an island that is only three miles in length, with a population of only about 600 people. This shouldn't take away from the islands value however as it is situated right between Guernsey and Normandy which places it next to a fantastic coastline. If you are looking for a tour of this island, filled with the opportunity to take beautiful photographs of amazing sites, then the Tour of the Isle of Sark by Light and Land is perfect. What Is This Tour? This tour of Isle of Sark provided by Light and Land covers the beautiful and somewhat hidden area of Isle of Sark. With this guide, you are getting an awesome tour of Sark, an experience filled with both breathtaking sites and close exposure to the Isle of Sark. This tour allows you time alone, in which you are able to explore one of the most beautiful places that the world has to offer. The Sark photography tour provides many photography opportunities, as about every area on the island is beautiful. Whether you look at the amazing natural vegetation the small island has, or you are looking to capture an image of the coastline, the Isle of Sark offers it all. This tour is perfect for those who are looking to take a peaceful break away as it offers this along with tuition from two of Light and Land well known tutors Phil Malpas & Clive Minnitt. Many highlight features on the island are covered, and it will even give you a chance to explore these sites up close and personal! If you are looking for a relaxing and beautiful informational tour offered by a truly wonderful company, it is time you check this out now! Visit to book this upcoming tour which starts on April 22nd - April 29th of 2015.