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This is the slide show from the live seminar conducted on April 8th, 2013 at the Thornhill Golf & Country Club. (just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada) Visit www.DogGuru.ca for all events, certificate courses and seminars. Be sure to get on our email list, for upcoming webinars and distance learning including Pet First Aid certification. http://tinyurl.com/hpcEzine www.facebook.com/dogguru.ca www.twitter.com/_DogGuru_

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  • 1. My Dog Just WontListen to MeCheryl Orletsky

2. Come on in for a tourHoliday Pet Care 3. Lets Hear about You30 Seconds Per Household My name is (introduce others) What Id like to say is Dog 1 main issue Best thing about your dog What would you like to say? (point to next person) 4. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.381943 Essential Elements 5. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.381953 Essential Elements 6. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.381963 Essential Elements 7. 3 Essential Elements7Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819 8. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.381981) Exercise RequirementsBreed - What were they bred to do? Animal Planet Dog Guide-All About Breeds http://animal.discovery.com/guides/dogs/choosing-a-dog/choosing.html Animal Planet Breed Selector http://animal.discovery.com/breed-selector/dog-breeds.html Physical needs Intellectual needs 9. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.381991) Exercise RequirementsPhysical Needs: Sedentary dogs 10. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819101) Exercise RequirementsPhysical Needs: Sedentary dogsLeashWalks 11. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819111) Exercise RequirementsPhysical Needs: Sedentary dogsPlaytime 12. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819121) Exercise RequirementsPhysical Needs: Moderate minimum 1 hour per dayBrisk Walks or Running 13. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819131) Exercise RequirementsPhysical Needs: Moderate minimum 1 hour per daySwimming 14. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819141) Exercise RequirementsPhysical Needs: Moderate minimum 1 hour per dayOff Leash Dog Park 15. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819151) Exercise RequirementsPhysical Needs: Moderate minimum 1 hour per dayDogDaycareThese pictures taken at Holiday Pet Care 16. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819161) Exercise RequirementsPhysical Needs: Active minimum 2 to 3 hours per dayRunning 17. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819171) Exercise RequirementsPhysical Needs: Active minimum 2 to 3 hours per dayChasingBall 18. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819181) Exercise RequirementsIntellectual NeedsAgility or Fly Ball 19. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819191) Exercise RequirementsIntellectual NeedsTraining and Games 20. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819202) Food QualityBest Quality you can afford Generally NOT from a grocery store 3 quick tips: First ingredient is identifiable meat(not the word meat) Absolutely NO By-Products Avoid CornAccess to updates about Seminars, Webinars & Reportsthrough email list and by following DogGuru on Facebook & Twitter 21. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819213) CommunicationTypes of CommunicationVerbal Words in human languages Remember: Dogs Dont Speak English 22. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819223) CommunicationTypes of CommunicationNon-Verbal Sounds Tone & Volume Appearance Body Language 23. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819233) CommunicationStorytime 24. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819243) CommunicationHierarchy:Resources Food Protection Shelter/Boundries Procreation/Raising Young 25. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819253) CommunicationFood Measured meals at specific feeding times No more than 20 minutes 26. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819263) CommunicationProtection See stimulus beforethey do Give space to setyourself up for success Sit before meeting 27. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819273) CommunicationShelter / Boundries Nothing for free Sit = Please Door Couch Bed Meals Treats 28. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819283) CommunicationProcreation / Raising Young Spay or Neuter Affection As a Mama-dog /Daddy-dog 29. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819293) CommunicationDont make the mistake oftreating your dogs like humans, ortheyll treat you like dogs~Martha Scott~ 30. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819303) CommunicationStorytimeOn my block, a lot of people walk their dogs 31. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819313) CommunicationWhat does Being in Charge mean?Expect them to follow If dont then they are the problemForce them break the animal 32. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819323) CommunicationWhat does Being in Charge mean?Expect them to follow If dont then they are the problemForce them break the animal 33. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819333) CommunicationWhat does Being in Charge mean?Be a LeaderWe must Teach! 34. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819343) CommunicationLets Play a Game 35. 3 Essential Elements35Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819 36. Continuing EducationCheryl Orletsky 37. Upcoming Workshops www.DogGuru.ca for all upcoming workshop listings Dog Manners Membership Program in Thornhill Fourth Tuesday of each month www.DogManners.ca Pet Care 101: Training to work in the Pet Care Industry@ PawsWay Toronto Sun, May 26, 2013 www.PetCare101.ca Pet First Aid Certification Course @ PawsWay Toronto Sat, May 11, 2013 www.PetFirstAidCourse.com37Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819 38. 38Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819 39. Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.381939Review Exercise According to their needs Food Best quality possible Communication Measured meals, after sit, after humans Sit before meeting Sit before anything desired Affection over top 40. My Dog Just WontListen to MeCheryl Orletsky 41. 41Copyright2007-2012Allrightsreserved.DogGuru.ca647.428.3819