How Your Hobbies at Home Affect Your Career

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  • how your hobbies affect your work

  • Keeping a proper worklife balance in youreveryday life heavily involves the ways inwhich you spend your time outside of work.

    Hobbies vs. Work


    Creativity Productivity Stress Career

  • Keeping a delicate balance between your work life and your home life isparamount not only to maintaining your sanity outside of work, but to boosting

    your productivity in it.

    The balance

  • creativityHaving hobbies, particularly creativeoutlets like painting or gardeningnaturally boosts your creativity. A study published in Inc demonstratedthat those who are more creative outsideof work are able to then bring thatcreativity into the workplaceif you workin a field that requires a bit of creativity(many do), this will have a tangible impacton your day to day life.

  • productivityLeaving work at work is much easier saidthan done.

    Working at home is, of course, a necessaryevil in certain situations. But some of usengage in these activities simply becausewe feel the need to be productive even onweekends or evenings. Hobbies can helpfulfill that need for productivity withoutbogging you down with work.

  • stressrelief

    If youre not feeling stressed at work thenyoure more than likely in the minority.About 80% of people report feelingstressed in the workplace.

    Having a hobby, even if it is sitting on yourcouch watching the Giants can help relievestress and keep you in a more relaxed andlaid back state.

  • land a career

    Maybe your focus isnt performing better atyour job, maybe its getting a job in the firstplace. According to the Guardian, havinghobbies can actually help land you aposition (or an interview). Employers oftenhave turned to looking past qualifications.If youre applying for a job in customerservice, employers will want to know howyou spend your free time interacting withothers.

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