How to stop buying junk clothes

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To start with,what exactly are junk clothes?Most people mistake junk clothes for simply low quality clothes. To some extent, this definition is correct but Junk Clothes are basically thosecheaply priced clothesyou decide to buy even if you dont need them. People tend to buy Junk clothes because of thelow priceand are willing to ignore the poor quality. Junk clothes are not just a problem in UAEbut throughout the world.

First of all, you need to forcefully tell yourself what you need and what you do no need. Basically, choose quality over quantity. With a fixed amount of income, you can either buy; say five low quality dresses per month or two high quality dresses .Here is where the difference lies. A junk clothes shopaholic will choose to buy those five dresses because for him/her, what matters is the quantity, not the quality.

So the first step is to go for high quality. In that way, you will very conveniently escape the trap of purchasing junk clothes. Secondly carefully monitor how much in total you spend on junk clothes and then compare what you could have gotten instead from that amount of money.

The main reason why people tend to buy so many junk clothes is to keep up with fashion. You dont have to keep up with fashion necessarily. Theres no harm in moving ahead at your own pace. When people cannot afford to buylatest fashion clothes, they turn to latest fashion Junk clothes to fulfill their need of an updated wardrobe. Thus allowing yourself to follow fashion at a rather slow rate will definitely help you in avoiding the purchase of Junk clothes.