How to make your garden toddler friendly

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>How to make your garden toddler friendly</p> <p>Make sure your garden is visible from your home. You may not always be in it with them.</p> <p>Be sure to have shaded areas! Whether its by trees, a canopy or something else. In the summer months its important to have shaded areas to take breaks in. </p> <p>Have somewhere to store your clutter! If your toddler is playing outside and theres chairs, tables, or any other garden furniture it could cause a serious trip hazard. </p> <p>Try to avoid small stones on pavements If youre child is unsupervised, its possible they could pick these up and put them in their mouth causing a choking hazard. An alternative to smaller stones are decorate larger stones! </p> <p>If you have a water feature/pond in your garden make sure its easily covered if your child isnt supervised. </p> <p>Have a hard surface, whether it be a patio, pathway or something else. With this you can make a track/circuit for them to run around or ride around.</p>