Exploring the Hidden Depths of Buckingham Palace

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Text of Exploring the Hidden Depths of Buckingham Palace

  • Exploring the Depths of Buckingham Palace

  • Interiors

  • Chinese Themes

    Furniture & dcor based on the

    Oriental-styled rooms at the

    Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

    TThe Royal Pavilion was sold to

    fund Buckingham Palaces


    The Ballroom

    Largest room in the Palace.

    Used for banquets.

    36.6 m x 18 m x 13.5 m.

    Opened 1856 with a ball to Opened 1856 with a ball to

    celebrate end of the Crimean


  • SuitesVisiting heads of state occupy the Belgian suite, situated on the ground floor of the North-facing garden front.RRooms were decorated for Prince Alberts uncle, Leopold I.

    Audience RoomWhere the Queen meets the Prime Minister.Less formal meetings are often pre-empted by a large buffet!

  • Exteriors

  • MeasurementsTotal floor area = 77,000 m.108 m across the front.120 m deep.24 m high.

    The Royal BalconyFirst balcony appearance was Queen Victorias in 1851.King George VI introduced the RAF fly-past custom at the end of Trooping the Colour.

  • Changing of the Guard

    Takes place on the forecourt of

    Buckingham Palace at 11.30


    A military band plays music

    during the change.

    Music ranges fMusic ranges from military

    marches to ABBAs greatest hits!


    Covers 40 acres.

    Includes a helicopter landing

    area, a lake, and tennis court.

    Home to 30 species of bird and

    350 types of wild flowers.

  • Key Stats

  • Buckingham Palace has the largest private

    garden in London.

    Buckingham Palace has a total of 775 rooms,

    including 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices, and 78


    Buckingham Palace became the official London

    residence of the monarch in 1837.

    Architect John Nash was responsible for

    transforming Buckingham House to Buckingham

    Palace in the 1820s, but was fired for overspending.

  • Rumours

  • Personal Royal Tube Line?

    There could be a line connecting

    Buckingham Palace to Scotland,

    Windsor Castle, or the

    Houses of Parliament.

    Escape Routes?

    Could be a simple pedestrian tunnel

    linking to Green Park or 10 Downing Street.

    There could be a tunnel giving access to the Victoria Line.