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  1. 1. Different Types of Fencing If you wanted a privacy fence, you would not use a chain length fence but would use a wooden fence instead. You also need to look at your budget, as some fencing can be very expensive, especially if there is a large area to fence. You also need to measure the area to be fenced along with how tall you want it to be. You need to look at the general weather in your area as some fencing stands up to certain weather conditions better than other fencing. After having all this information in hand, it is time to shop for your new fence. Here is some of the different fencing that you can choose from. Split rail fencing Wrought iron fencing Wooden fencing Chain link fencing
  2. 2. Different Types of Fencing When putting a fence around your home it can serve different purposes. It can serve as a privacy shield from trespassers and from neighbors seeing into your yard. It can also add aesthetic value to the exterior of your home. Fences can be used as part of your landscape design too. When choosing the type of fencing you are going to use in your yard you first need to decide what purpose the fencing is going to serve.
  3. 3. Different Types of Fencing Wood is the most versatile material when you are thinking about commercial fencing which can also be cut to include some aesthetic appeal. Chain link fencing is good enough for residential and commercial security purposes. Vinyl fencing can be decorated as a wood fence meant for privacy or marking boundaries If you are going to fence a large farm, you will require a good plan that ensures all your needs are met accurately. You need professional in commercial fencing to design a tailor made fence. When you need a fence designed with a specific aesthetic appeal, there are different materials that a person can choose from. Ornamental can be done using a variety of materials including steel, wood, iron, aluminum, vinyl etc
  4. 4. Common types of commercial fencing If you are interested in commercial fencing for your property, there are many options you can choose from. All these types of fencing are available and designed to meet different standards, expectations and budgets. Wood fencing Aluminum fencing Chain link fencing Vinyl fencing Farm fencing
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