5 tips for maintaining leather jackets

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Text of 5 tips for maintaining leather jackets

  1. 1. If you want your leather jackets to last long, you should care for it properly. It should also be cleaned by following certain precautionary measures
  2. 2. Leather jackets must be stored in a well ventilated because fresh air keeps the material in good health It keeps the texture and colour intact besides keeping the hide supple
  3. 3. Leather jackets should not be piled with other garments, one over the other. This leads to developing of wrinkles on the surface. The wear should be put on a wide shoulder hanger
  4. 4. One should read the instructions written on the tag of the jacket before cleaning it. So you should use a recommended solvent for cleaning the material. Though some types of hides can be cleaned with mild soap solution but its use on certain types of surface may result in alternating the colour tone of the surface. Know the type of leather used for making your jacket before applying any solution
  5. 5. Conditioner should be applied on the material after every time it gets wet or cleaned. This will retain the suppleness of the material