5 popular hobbies of people in kolkata

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Some Of The Most Popular Hobbies of people in KolkataKolkata is the city of joy. It is the city of soul and it has the warmth to welcome people of almost every religion and language. Here, people stay together, eat together and party together. Due to a mixed culture, we have a wide range of hobbies to follow that we either have inherited or completely have taken it up as something in the concept or similarly modified the old version of the hobby. Here we are going to discuss some of the popular hobbies that Kolkatans like to follow in this modern time Reading Books

Kolkata, the city of books, coffee house and books gullies of College Square. The squandering lanes that led to the path of immense number of books piled along the streets, you can simply take a gust or pick anything from the rock stand or buy the favorite collections and keep up your reading habits. Moreover, every year the Book Fair of Kolkata makes a mark convincing that all Kolkatans simply love books.


Wherever you might stare, you will find people moving around with their DSLR and proudly adjusting their focus to click a mesmerizing picture. What makes Kolkata a hub of photographers? It has various subjects from mausoleums to temples, and from idols makers to the sleeping policeman, you can find something or the other captured behind the cameras of these peoples. The city itself has so many subjects from Esplanade to Prinsep Ghat from Dakkhineswar to Bandel. From clay classes to modern art painting it is evitable to raise such a high price.

Graffiti and Art

The land of culture has so much to give to the passionate hobby curators. They are the emerging land of various forms of art and sculpture. The land of famous painters from Abanindranth Tagore to Ramkinkar Baij they have given many patrons to the world of painting and art.


There are more than nine spices that are being used regularly in the kitchen of Kolkata. The land of fish, misti doi, rosogolla and shukto you get to try some lip smacking dishes at every home. Moreover, the juncture of East Bengal cuisine with the West Bengal cuisine has made many women and men take up cooking as their main hobby. Even these have led to the launch of many regional based restaurants as well. However, the advent of other cultures has also contributed a lot to this development brining in other cuisines. It led to the development of fusion dishes making hobby specialist the king of new dishes.


The Kolkata people love to ride on the wheels any time of the year. As per the demography, it is proved that Bengalis occupies the 4th position in the world travelers list. They are the popular tourist who have not only explored their homeland but also tries to learn from other cultures as well. To know more about other hobbies which are very popular contact http://hobbyseekho.com/


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