10 Most Popular Indian Hair Stylists

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<ul><li><p>10 Best Hair Stylists In India</p></li><li><p> Jawed Habib</p><p>Jawed Habib Akter belongs to a family of professional hairstylists. In London he pursued specialization in Hair Design from The Morris School, London. The hair color trend was started amongst youngsters in India by him.With his hard work and dedication he has managed to carve his name in the Limca book of world records for being able to give 410 haircuts in a day.He has now commercialized his art in hairstyling by opening his beauty salons all across India. </p><p>http://goo.gl/mVrJ7Qhttp://goo.gl/eEDD3Zhttp://goo.gl/jpgTvchttp://goo.gl/hX8etA</p></li><li><p> Sapna Bhavnani</p><p>Sapna Bhavnani is one of the most renowned hairstylists of the fashion world.While pursuing her studies abroad she used to work as a waitress in a bar but later after completing her studies she showed her interest in hairstyling and decided to go for hair dressing as her profession.As a hair dresser she initially worked in a Salon named Juice and then gradually became a bollywood hairstylist. After her business flourished, she came up with her first salon in Mumbai named Mad-o-Wot.</p><p>http://goo.gl/mVrJ7Qhttp://goo.gl/eEDD3Zhttp://goo.gl/jpgTvchttp://goo.gl/hX8etA</p></li><li><p> Adhuna Akhtar</p><p>Adhuna Akhtar,ex wife of Farhan Akhtar, is a very famous Indian hairstylist who also co hosts the show named B-Blunt.She started gaining interest in hairstyling at a very young age when she used to accompany her mother to the salon &amp; thereafter opted to undergo a hairstyling course in a salon, Worthington Hair, in England. She later opened her own salon named Juice in Mumbai which was gradually named B-Blunt. She started her career as a bollywood hairstylist with the movie Dil Chahta hai &amp; also contributed as a hairstylist in movies like Lakhshya.</p><p>http://goo.gl/mVrJ7Qhttp://goo.gl/eEDD3Zhttp://goo.gl/jpgTvchttp://goo.gl/hX8etA</p></li><li><p> Aalim Hakim</p><p>Aalim Hakim is another famous Indian hairstylist who has gained fame and made his stand in the film and fashion industry with his imagination and creative work.Some of the most popular celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt, Deepika Padukone have have got their hair styling done from Aalim.He is so good at styling that his celeb clients trust him blindly and call him their hair savior.</p><p>http://goo.gl/mVrJ7Qhttp://goo.gl/eEDD3Zhttp://goo.gl/jpgTvchttp://goo.gl/hX8etA</p></li><li><p> Dilshad Pastakia</p><p>Sharukh Khans new hairstylist and the one who challenges that no one else is allowed to touch Sharukhs hair is Dilshad Pastakia. She is so confident about her talent in styling that she confidently says Sharukh Khan loves to get styled only by her. Not only Sharukh but many famous b-town actors have got their styling done from this styling diva. </p><p>http://goo.gl/mVrJ7Qhttp://goo.gl/eEDD3Zhttp://goo.gl/jpgTvchttp://goo.gl/hX8etA</p></li><li><p> Ambika Pillai</p><p>Ambika Pillai, the well known hair styler in India.Born to a cashew exporter, this hair styling diva got her education in Ooty.She is a big name in fashion and beauty industry and her profile brags of numerous national awards for hair and makeup. Ad campaigns, fashion films, photo shoots, editorials and ramp shows are her domain and she has established her name as a brand.</p><p>http://goo.gl/mVrJ7Qhttp://goo.gl/eEDD3Zhttp://goo.gl/jpgTvchttp://goo.gl/hX8etA</p></li><li><p> Savio Pereira</p><p>Savio Pereira is one of the famous hair stylists across india.Having been in the industry for over 12 years, Savio is Bollywoods very own God of hairstyling! He is also the creative brand ambassador for leading hair care brands like LOreal and Schwarzkopf. He has his salon in Mumbai, and by the looks of it, it caters only to the upper class and super-elite.</p><p>http://goo.gl/mVrJ7Qhttp://goo.gl/eEDD3Zhttp://goo.gl/jpgTvchttp://goo.gl/hX8etA</p></li><li><p> Vikas Marwah</p><p>Probably Vikas Marwah is one of the youngest hairdressers and stylists in the fashion world today.he runs his own salon and a training academy where he uses innovative technology to teach hair cutting and styling techniques.</p><p>http://goo.gl/mVrJ7Qhttp://goo.gl/eEDD3Zhttp://goo.gl/jpgTvchttp://goo.gl/hX8etA</p></li><li><p> Vikas Marwah</p><p>Purshottam Hans is the most popular hair stylist in Bollywood Industry.He is fondly known by his friends &amp; family as Pompy.He started out on his hairstyling journey with Lakme salon. Soon, he progressed into the film and advertising industry and today his work can be seen in many ads. Some of the top Bollywood actresses like Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, etc make up his celebrity clientele.</p><p>http://goo.gl/mVrJ7Qhttp://goo.gl/eEDD3Zhttp://goo.gl/jpgTvchttp://goo.gl/hX8etA</p></li><li><p> Sylvester Rodgers</p><p>Sylvester Rodgers is an Indian celebrity hairstylist and well known as Sylvie.Before taking up the hairstyling profession he was working in St. Lukes hospital in London as a general surgeon.Sylvie was brought up in Kolkata and completed his studies in Darjeeling.His passion for hairstyling increased when he was on a holiday at Chicago and he was introduced to hairstyling by his cousin. Sylvester had also undergone a cosmetology course and later became a legal cosmetologist. As a hairstylist he initially started as a hairdresser in a salon and gradually opened his own salons at different places.</p><p>http://goo.gl/mVrJ7Qhttp://goo.gl/eEDD3Zhttp://goo.gl/jpgTvchttp://goo.gl/hX8etA</p></li></ul>