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I am Amit PaunikarYou can find me at @paunikar

I am currently working some really cool stuff at Skype. Skype is a silver sponsor of WebExpo. Prague has the biggest Skype office in europe with over 220 people and is expanding. We are always looking for great people, I am always looking for great Pms and engineers, so if you are interested, please talk to me or a couple of our awesome folks in Skype t-shirts.

Find your inner Product Manager

lets do a show of hands in the room:how many product managers?project managers, engineering, design?Sales, marketing

What is a Product Manager?

Product manger is the CEO of the product- everyone

Major ego booster definition of a PMThis is what attracts most people to the PM landnow, who does not want to be the ceo?

Product Managers job is to discover a product that is valuable, usable and feasible- Marty Cagan

This is an inspiring way to think about product management

Product managerinvestigates, selects, and drives the development of products for an organization- Wikipedia

This is where it kinda gets boring

Product Manager is someone who takes ownership for the failure of the productProduct does not sellProduct does not scaleProduct does not delightProduct looks like c$#p"Paris Tuileries Garden Facepalm statue" by Alex E. Proimos - Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons -

Everybody has a unique experience as a PM, everybody has a definition of a PM Here is my definition of a PMAnd this is where it really hits the fence! Rather pessimistic view of the PM job. But think about it deeplyWhat does it take to be responsible for all failures?

Blame the Product Managerflickr:

Show of hands/// how many of you are still interested in being a PM?

Octopus at Kelly Tarlton's.jpg's.jpgWhat should we build?Why should we build it?Who will buy it?How should we build it?How should it look?How do we market it?How should we sell it?How do we support it?


Google Handbook3 hearts, 9 brains, and blue blood8 equally dexterous arms



Think like the customerInternalize basic needsBe the customers voice

Kanos model of customer satisficationHotel room with no toiletApple maps example Personal example: Skype > getting in touch with family // thats an important use case for us to optimize for

Triple vision

Blue sky: 5 -10 year disruptorsHorizon: 6 month -1 year changesBattlefield: Next release"Four antennas ALMA" by ESO/Jos Francisco Salgado ( - Licensed under CC BY 4.0 via Commons -

Personal example: Blue sky: Bill Gates - PC in every homeFailed blue sky: Blackberry, KodakHorizon: Apple every six month they bring out something revolutionaryBattlefield: Facebook

Story teller

Responsibility with no authorityInfluence and seek buy-inInspire and motivate"One Ring" by User:Osa 150 -!Unico_Anello.png. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -

Personal example: Google and Firefox browser examplesSteve jobs reality distortion field: ability to convince himself and others to believe almost anything with a mix of charm, charisma,bravado,hyperbole,marketing, appeasement and persistence.

Venture out

Go to a BD meetingSell your productSit on support calls

By Xof711 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Personal example: Nomadix engineering to product management

Plan A, B and C

Find ways to unblock and progressBe pragmatic, not emotionalLove the best solution (not your solution) "Ridderkerk interchange" by Mawijk - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

Provide problem statements, not solutions, let others feel the sense of ownership

Love thy data

Data are apoliticalData > opinions Thought + instrumentation = Data TheWebGL Globeis an open platform for visualizing geographic data.Get the codeBy the Google Data Arts Team

Marissa and 40 shades of blue > what does it take to have the ability to test and infer for experience

Eat your dogfood

Solve your problemUse your productBe your own customer

Some of the best products are product that creators useTo solve their own problems > Skype, YouTube, Google, Yahoo! Cautionary tale: Google Buzz/ Google + / Skype Qik

Dont assume; Test & analyze

Allow for surprisesBreak things (innovation is the fruit of failure)Get your community involved

Oh we tried that last time, and it did not workLaunch stuff, see if it works, keep doing it

10X not 10%Embrace a new way of thinkingChallenge conventional wisdomSometimes 10X is easier than 10%

Credit:NASAPluto 2015

Pluto 1995

Google gmail exampleHololens, project loon, hyperloop Car gas mileage 50-500

Embrace chaos

Credit:NASACredits:Presentation template by SlidesCarnivalPhotographs by UnsplashIndividual photos attributed accordinglyQuestions?You can find me at @paunikar &

It might seem lonely up there, but the scenery is stunningAnd the ride is pretty awesomeSo whos up for a ride?