Change is Good… YOU Go First Field Staff Team Rocks The Field Staff Super-Heros What? I have to do it again? Expectations are High “Success is aways a moving target. Anyone who thinks that they have arrived is kidding themselves. In order to succeed today you have to understand innovation, technology, the NEW customer, and be open to CHANGE. When you accept that change is necessary for growth you can’t be stopped.” The Profit, Marcus Lemonis You might be feeling the odds are against you. You are not going at this ALONE… YOU have a TEAM YOUR CUSTOMER IS CHANGING Traditionalists Boomers Gen X Millennials help…. Fixed Mindset Growth Mindse Change or Die Bust some Myths Crisis Fear Facts Gradual Change Too Old to Change Relate-Repeat-Reframe The buy-in Today Technology buying patterns communicate Massive CHANGEs Self Awareness is Key OPPORTUNITYISNOWHER E OPPORTUNITY IS NO WHERE OPPORTUNITY IS NOW HERE Text How do you see the world? Change what you see and… See how you change Get Curious about what you don’t understand! SOCIAL LEARNING Repeat Text Create Rituals FUN Dr. Martin Seligman Ben-Shahar Happiness isn't just an accident, it's a science. Happiness! We are more open to change when we are happy Gratitude List Social Support Rituals #NewWaystoConnect K @K_Mccullough If you want the slides TEXT me # 22828 Your message: KARENMC #PRACTICETALKING Low Risk High Yield Reframe CHANGE AND Working with people different than yourself! Make it Fun And make it about them Name the Generation Traditionalists Boomers Gen X Gen Y 1959 1990 1969 2009 1983 1989 1965 Relate-Repeat-Reframe There’s Enough Rock for all of us!

Change is Good - You Go First Keynote for Northwestern Mutual

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Every organization is going through transformational changes. Motivational Keynote speaker, Karen McCullough opened the conference with this engaging, entertaining, and enlightening…