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<ol><li> 1. </li><li> 2. A Family law attorney Minnetonka has deep knowledge of family law.This attorney assists you throughout your case.They have years of experience in this field.With their years of experience, they guide you in the proper direction. Family law attorney Minnetonka </li><li> 3. If you are in a situation, where you need advise on Singles with cohabitation, A prenuptial agreement before marriage, Parents with juvenile issues, Spouse or ex-spouse issues </li><li> 4. The divorce lawyers Minnetonka specialize in handling divorce cases. They are the specialists who know every single aspect of the law.These include issues like violence in marriage and any situation that requires separation between the spouses. </li><li> 5. GlenA. Norton PLLC601 Carlson Parkway Suite #1077 Minnetonka MN55305 763-450-6600 Website: </li><li> 6. Thank </li></ol>