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Makeup Ideas

Makeup IdeasLukatar Music Video

1st Phase: SuccesInitially, my artist will be presented as being successful, desirable, happy and rich. I will do her makeup to reflect this stage of her career. I plan to include: Contour, Highlighter, Red Lipstick, Smoky Eyes, Black Eye Makeup, Tanned face.

ContourI plan to use contour to define the cheekbones of the artist. This will make her seem attractive and desirable, coinciding with the successful phase of her career when her music is in demand and she is liked by the press.

HighlighterHighlighter will be used to give my artist a radiant glow. This will reflect her health and success at a time when she is at the peak of her career.

Red LipstickRed is a bold coloured lipstick, suggesting my artist is confident and wants to be noticed. Representing the fact that the press like my artist during her initial success in her career. It also connotes sexiness making my artist seem desirable.

Smoky EyesSmoky eyes connote glamour and fame and desire. I will have my artist wear smoky eye shadow during the successful stages of her career.

Black Eye MakeupI will use black eye liner, eyelashes and mascara to emphasise my artists eyes. This bold colour will connote confidence and status and make an overall more celebrity look.

Tanned FaceMy artist will have a tanned face because that is a symbol of health, to show her at the height of her career. I will use bronzer to achieve this effect.

Phase 2: going off the railsAt this point in her career my artist begins to experiment with alcohol and is going out a lot. She turns into a party animal and the press begin to turn on her. Her makeup will reflect this. She will wear heavier black eye makeup, and crazily coloured lipstick and eye shadow.

Crazy Coloured LipstickThese colours connote the wild character which my artist will have become.

Heavy Black Eye MakeupHeavy black eye makeup has connotations of nightlife, clubs and partying, reflecting the life my artist has chosen to lead.

Crazy Coloured EyeshadowThese colours connote the wild character which my artist will have become.

Phase 3 - BreakdownThis is when my artist breaks down due to the stress, pressures and temptations brought with fame. She turns to drugs and is no longer in control of her own life. Her makeup reflects this, being messy, dark eyes to make her look tired, and a pale face.


Face PaintTo add to the abstract tone of my product, I will also use facepaint. To represent different times of my artists life e.g. gold face paint for wealth, green facepaint for sickness/ drug addiction etc etc.

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