How to make apps popular in playstore

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  2. 2. . Test Your App Make sure to test your app thoroughly before submitting it to the Play store. Android is an open platform this has both its advantages and disadvantages. The other complication here is the extreme fragmentationof devices, which could make it very difficult for you to ensure consistent user experience.
  3. 3. Setup Your Google Checkout Account In case you intend to sell a paid Android app or make money by way of in-app advertising you first need to set up a Google Checkout Merchant Account. Once you establish your app as a free app, the Play store will not permit you to upgrade it to becoming a paid one. Hence, you need to plan out a long-term monetizing strategy for your app.
  4. 4. Market Your Android App Launch your Android app in style. Contact app review sites and request them to review your app. Visit forums, app bloggers and groups online and speak about your app. Buy app reviews Use the power of social media to promote your app. You can also promote your app on several Android app discovery platforms online. This will help you get more reviews and ratings on your app.
  5. 5. App Reviews
  6. 6. Track Your Performance Keep a constant track of your apps performance, so that you know exactly how well it is doing in the marketplace. Listen to your users feedback and see in what ways you can improve your app presentation and marketing strategy as well. There are two main analytics tools easily available to you, namely, in-app analytics and the app marketplace analytics. While the former monitors your users impression of your app, the latter gives you a clear idea of your apps downloads, reviews and rating, revenue and so on.