Build Supercharged Web Apps with AngularJS

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Build Supercharged Web Apps with AngularJS with Gerred Dillon Presented on September 18 2014 at FITC's Web Unleashed 2014 in Toronto More info at The past few years have been a whirlwind of new web and application frameworks, changing the way we build sophisticated client-side applications. Among the fastest growing, and quickly become most widely used, is AngularJS, Google’s take on client side application building. Come to this session prepared to understand just what AngularJS is, how it differs from other frameworks, and walk away understanding the components that go into an AngularJS application. You will not only see your first full AngularJS app, but also know where to go to learn more, and to build upon the skills learned in this session. OBJECTIVE Give developers wanting to learn AngularJS a starting point from which to learn more and create web apps. TARGET AUDIENCE Developers wanting to create web applications and are curious about AngularJS ASSUMED AUDIENCE KNOWLEDGE Strong beginner to intermediate in JavaScript FIVE THINGS AUDIENCE MEMBERS WILL LEARN What AngularJS is and how it differs from other frameworks How to create a basic AngularJS Application Using directives and filters for “enhanced” HTML Separating functionality into controllers and services Adding third party functionality with modules

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  • 1. @justicefries Building SUPERcharged apps with AngularJS Gerred Dillon
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  • 6. Componentize @justicefries with Directives
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  • 8. @justicefries Centralize Data Access
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  • 10. Resolve Data Dependencies @justicefries
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  • 12. Centralize External Inputs @justicefries
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  • 14. Modularize @justicefries
  • 15. @justicefries RequireJS
  • 16. @justicefries Browserify
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  • 18. Add a Build System @justicefries
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