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Advanced Search A Journalism Tools Session

Advanced Search: A Journalism Tools Session

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Introduction to advanced search and search tools for journalists. Interested in a tools session? [email protected]

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  • 1. Advanced SearchA Journalism Tools Session

2. Hi Everyone!Ezra Eeman, Founder @Journalism2lsSenior Strategy & Communication [email protected] Senior Journalist & Editor in Chief @VMMACertified Advanced Google Searcher & Glass ExplorerFulbright Journalism Award Researcher @CUNYGraduate School of Journalism/Tow-Knight Center forEntrepreneurial Journalism, New YorkWork/Life/Pleasure: Brussels - Tokyo - New York. 3. Journalism Tools.A curated collection ofnew tools & resources forthe next generation ofjournalists. 4. Search: The Basics 5. Questions are the answerThink in questions. How would youwrite the information you arelooking for? What could be near thesearch term? Know any synonyms?q Mind the word orderred white gives you adifferent result as whiteredSpelling is important,Capitals are nota Keep it SimpleTry to search with 2 3words Dont use sentencesUse combination of wordsrather than full sentencesrThink broadIf you dont have a lot ofinformation start with generalqueries and narrow down asyou go.?wa 6. Favorite Google Search OperatorsOperator Function Examplesearch term AND search term Both search terms appear in thesearch result. sea AND healthsearch term OR search term At least one of two or moresearch terms appear in the result. Kadafi OR Gaddafi OR Quaddafisearch termUse quotes to search for an exactword or set of words on a webpage.Change will not come if wewait for some other person orsome other time.search term site:domain Get results only from certain sitesor domains. (ex:.gov, .mil,...) accidents site:.govsearch term filetype:document Get results that appear in specificdocuments (pdf, xls, doc,...)address filetype:xlspasswords filetype:pdf 7. Favorite Google Search OperatorsOperator Functie Examplenumber..number Get results that contain numbersin a given range. 1993..1995link:website Find pages that link to a certainpage link:google.comsearch term * search termAdd an asterisk within a search asa placeholder for any unknown orwildcard terms.The president of *search term search term exclude all results that include acertain word.speed jaguar -auto-searchterm AROUND(number)search termLook for a word near anotherword. violence AROUND(5) Ferguson 8. Google Advanced Search 9. Google BooksGoogle GroupsSearch online forums andparticipate in communityconversations.Google ScholarSearch and preview millions ofbooks from libraries andpublishers worldwideA simple way to broadly search forscholarly literatureEven more Google... 10. 30+ SEARCH TOOLS 11. 1. AlertsMonitor the web for interesting newcontent.Google AlertsTalkwalkerMention 12. 2. ImagesUse Google Images as a search enginefor news and sources.1. Try different search terms2. Filter on size, color, type, time,...3. Do a reverse search by dragging apicture in the search window. 13. Google GogglesCamfindTake a picture with Camfind tolearn more about any object (iOs)TineyeAndroid app for searchesbased on picturesA reverse image search engine.Give it an image and it will tell youwhere the image appearson the web.Images 14. 3. VideoSearch through hundreds of millions ofnews videos & viral contentYOUTUBELIVELEAKDAILYMOTION 15. Youtube Advanced Search20 Search20 video search engines in one listBellingcatSearching videos on YouTubeis simple but if you know a fewadvanced search tricks, it becomeseven more accurateGreat resource featuring tutorialson how to geolocate videosVideo 16. 4. TranslationsBy searching in other languages you canfind alternative and/or more accurateresults.1. Set Google to another language. =>Egypte: google.com.eg2. Translate your search terms3. Use Chrome for instant translationof web pages 17. Google TranslateNewspapermapFind and translate all newspapersin the worldWord LensInstantly translates text and webpagesApp that can translate words andlanguage it sees in real timeTranslations 18. 5. LocationMap-based search can help you1. Find and check addresses.2. Satellite-view: check terrainproperties and track changes.3. Street-view: home numbers,checking locations and views,..4. Location-specific news filtering 19. Google Maps & Google EarthFlash EarthSatellite and aerial imagery of theearth in flashGoogle Maps EngineStarting place for all location-basedsearchCreate and visualizecustom geospacial dataLocation 20. 6. SocialFastest way to find information aboutindividuals and companies.1. Address, work, hobbies,...2. Friends, relatives, network,...3. Pictures, videos,..4. Contact details5. Starting point for crowdsourcinginformation6. ... 21. Social MentionGeofeediaLocation-based social mediamonitoringPeek YouA social media search engine thatsearches user-generated contentPeople search engine allows you tofind and contact anyone online.Find social links, photos, workhistory, alumni info, family andmore.Social Search 22. Twitter Advanced SearchTweetdeckBest journalism tool formonitoring Twitter. Real timeupdating, a powerful search tool,and easily movable columnsTweepzUseful and powerful to searchtwitter with multiple criteria.A clever way to find out who tofollowTwitter 23. Graph SearchPicDeckFilter Instagram via hashtags orusersLinkedin for JournalistsAdvanced search function ofFacebook. Find more of whatyou're looking for on and discoverconnections between people,places and thingsTips & tricks for journalists usingLinkedinFacebook, Instagram, Linkedin 24. LinksAlertsGoogle Alerts Updates/emails based on keywords https://www.google.com/alertsTalkwalker Alternative for Google Alerts http://www.talkwalker.com/en/alerts/Mention Alternative for Google Alerts https://en.mention.com/google-alertsImagesGoogle Images Place to start your image search http://images.google.com/Google Goggles Searches based on pictures https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.unveil&hl=enCamfind Searches based on pictureshttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/camfind-search-your-camera/id595857716?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D8Tineye Reverse Image Search http://www.tineye.com/ 25. Links IIVideoYoutube Search Engine for Video https://www.youtube.comLiveleak Search Engine for Video http://www.liveleak.com/Dailymotion Search Engine for Video http://www.dailymotion.comYoutube Advanced Search Advanced Search for Youtube https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/111997?hl=en20 Search 20 video search engines on one page http://www.20search.com/video.phpBellingcat Tutorials on how to geolocate videos http://www.blinkx.com/TranslationsGoogle Translate Translate everything https://translate.google.com/Newspapermap Read all the newspapers in the world in your ownlanguage http://newspapermap.com/Word Lens Translate images https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/word-lens/id383463868?mt=8 26. Links IIILocationGoogle Maps Place to start location search https://www.google.be/maps/Flash Earth Alternative for Google Maps http://www.flashearth.com/Maps Engine Make custom searchable maps https://mapsengine.google.com/map/Social SearchSocial Mention Search engine for social media http://socialmention.com/Geofeedia Geolocate & monitor social media http://geofeedia.com/Peekyou People search engine http://www.peekyou.com/TwitterAdvanced Twitter Search Just what it promises: advanced search on twitter https://twitter.com/search-advancedTweetdeck Monitor Twitter https://about.twitter.com/products/tweetdeckTweepz Who do you need to follow on twitter on certaintopics? During breaking news? http://tweepz.com 27. Links IVFacebook, Instagram, LinkedinFacebook Graph Search Advanced Search on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/notes/facebook-journalists/how-journalists-can-use-facebook-graph-search-for-reporting/543504605661558Pickdeck Tweetdeck for Instagram http://picdeck.co/Linkedin for Journalisten Resource to get more out of Linkedin http://press.linkedin.com/linkedin-for-journalists 28. And even more search tools...Alternative Search EnginesTopsy Search engine http://topsy.comDmoz Search in directories http://www.dmoz.org/Search Carrot Search engine that lists subjects http://search.carrot2.orgIce Rocket Blog Search Excellent blog search engine http://blogs.icerocket.com/?&q=Wolfram Aplha Semantic search engine http://www.wolframalpha.comTor Search the deep web https://www.torproject.org/Website informationDomaintools Domain information http://www.domaintools.com/Wayback Machine Internet Archive. Great for finding old web pages http://archive.org/web/web.phpChange Detection Track changes on web pages http://www.changedetection.com/ 29. Even more search tools:http://www.pinterest.com/journalismtools/search/ 30. 121KingStreet31Thank [email protected]://www.pinterest.com/journalismtools/toCONTACT US FOR A SESSION:+32 477 27 58 [email protected]