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  • Stance Healthcare

  • Who is Stance Healthcare?

    Stance Healthcare was established in 2006, after more than 30 years providing medical equipment to the Healthcare Industry

    Manufacturer and designer of intensive-use furniture for Behavioral Health and General Healthcare Environments

    Stance product categories include lounge and general seating, case goods, desks, beds, tables and project specific custom solutions when required

    Stance distinguishes itself in the industry by our willingness and ability to customize our products to meet the challenges of specific projects

  • Symbol of Strength

    Our products maintain a level of durability that goes above and beyond what is typically expected of healthcare furniture

    Stance seating, tables and case goods are designed and built to exceed the demands of rigorous 24/7 healthcare environments

    We strive to exceed expectations, and we make this statement of quality on all of our products

    furniture that you can depend on for years to come

  • Why Stance Healthcare?

    Stance Healthcare has a reputation for providing high quality products that meet the ever-evolving demands in the areas of design, comfort, safety, durability, renewability, infection control and environmental sustainability. With a strong understanding of patient-centered design, Stance Healthcare is committed to providing innovative furniture solutions that support the healing process.

  • Value Spectrum

    At Stance Healthcare we put the needs of our customers first. The Value Spectrum was developed in order to offer good, better and best options in each category so that no matter what your budget is, we have something that fits the scope.

    But, rest assured, in any category our Good and lowest-priced option is still a healthcare-specific product designed and built to withstand any healthcare environment.

  • Product Categories

  • Accent Seating Collection

  • Legend Seating Collection

  • Integrity Seating Collection

  • Vista II Seating Collection

  • Oasis Seating Collection

  • BannerSeating Collection

  • Vista Seating Collection

  • Onward Seating Collection

  • Boardwalk Seating Collection

  • AttessaLoungeSeating

  • Cassia Lounge Seating

  • Riviera Lounge Seating

  • Verity Lounge Seating

  • Onward Lounge Seating

  • Integrity HighbackChair

  • Vista II HighbackChair

  • Legend Rocker

  • Kite Folding Chair

  • Onward Recliner

  • Verity Recliner

  • OasisRecliner

  • Oasis 3-Position Sleeper

  • Kindred Day Bed

  • Gibraltar Series Case Goods

  • Kindred Series Case Goods

  • Transcend Overbed Table Collection

  • Victory Overbed Table Collection

  • Triumph Overbed Table Collection

  • Eclipse Overbed Table Collection

  • PrivexCubicle Curtains

  • Matrix Modular Casework for Healthcare

  • Matrix Modular Exam Room Casework

  • Exam Tables

  • Treatment Tables

  • Physician Stools

  • LabStools

  • Caliber BH Stacking Chair

  • Valiant BH Seating

  • Empire BH Seating

  • Accent BH Seating

  • Vista II BH Seating

  • Legend BH Seating

  • Oasis BH Seating

  • Onward BH Seating

  • Onward BH Bench

  • Onward BH Lounge

  • Cassia BH Lounge Seating

  • Tables for Behavioral Health

  • Tables for Behavioral Health

  • Fortress BH Case Goods

  • Liberty BH Case Goods

  • Fusion BH Case Goods

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