Global Endocrine Testing Market 2015-2019

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  1. 1. Global Endocrine Testing Market 2015-2019
  2. 2. USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA Global Endocrine Testing Market 2015-2019 The report discusses the following in-depth: Market Size and Forecast Market Segmentation Buying Criteria Vendor Landscape Business Segmentation Geographical Segmentation For more information on the Global Endocrine Testing Market 2015-2019, please mail us at
  3. 3. USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA Key Trends Technavios Senior Analyst says, Automation and system integration, which result in the shortening of the turnaround time and increase the accuracy of the test results, are major trends in the market. This has reduced the burden on technical staff for manual test sample counting. Another trend is the increased adoption of POC diagnostic tests. These tests not only provide quick results but also can be performed from the convenience of the patient's home. The endocrine system and the nervous system, together, are the major regulatory and control organs of the body. The major endocrine glands include the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, pineal gland, parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, pancreas, gonads, and thymus. The global endocrine testing market will grow at a steady pace during the period 2014- 2019, posting a CAGR of 4.66%.
  4. 4. Understanding the key drivers influencing the market Understanding the challenges faced by the market Activities of various stakeholders involved Key focus areas for the vendors Major trends that will shape the future of this market Vendor landscape and trajectory of the market Conclusion Scope of The Report A detailed analysis of each market driver, challenge and trend is available in our report: Global Endocrine Testing Market 2015-2019 USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA
  5. 5. USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA Vendors To understand the vendor landscape and for a full list of vendors view our report: Global Endocrine Testing Market 2015-2019 Abbott Diagnostics DiaSorin Roche Diagnostics Abbott Diagnostics was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois, US. It offers in-vitro diagnostics and a wide range of instrument systems and tests for hospitals, reference labs, physician offices, blood banks, and clinics. DiaSorin, founded in 1968, is headquartered in Saluggia, Italy. The company is a market leader of biotechnology. It develops, manufactures, and markets reagent kits for in vitro diagnostics. Roche Diagnostics was established in 1896 and is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. It operates as the diagnostics division of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. The division provides in-vitro diagnostic products and services.
  6. 6. USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA Market Landscape Endocrine tests assist in determining the nutrient absorption, energy metabolism, and stress released in the body. They also help maintain the internal balance of the body and assure the standard functioning of the endocrine system. Endocrine tests are both qualitative and quantitative and are facilitated at hospitals, ambulatory centers, diagnostics labs, or at home. Technologies such as mass spectrometry, sensor technology, immunoassays, clinical chemistry, and monoclonal and polyclonal antibody testing possess several advantages over conventional endocrine testing and also provide rapid and accurate results. The rise in the number of diagnostic laboratories has led to a rise in demand for endocrine testing devices with new technologies in hospitals. In addition, developed and developing countries are focusing on providing advanced and improved endocrine testing technologies, which will assure rapid and accurate results in the future.
  7. 7. USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA Key Buying Criteria Guest Bloggers Authenticity Delivery Price Service Support Parameter Details Cost-effectiveness Endocrine testing devices should be reasonably priced Quality The endocrine testing products and instruments in the market must be authentic and meet quality requirements Reliability The products and tests should be able to deliver consistent performance to gain wide acceptance among patients and healthcare providers Safety Endocrine products should function effectively and accurately to ensure safety in their usage
  8. 8. Growth Forecasts? Market Analysis? Revenue Forecasts? Regional and Country level Analysis? Competitive Structure? Emerging Trends? Vendor Landscape? Other? What Would You Like to Learn From Technavio? Global Endocrine Testing Market 2015-2019 Let us identify your needs. We would love to hear more!
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