Anal Warts & Hemorrhoids or Anal Fissue – Treatment & Symptoms

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Text of Anal Warts & Hemorrhoids or Anal Fissue – Treatment & Symptoms

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    Caused by HPV - aka "condylomaacuminata" a condition that affects the areaaround and inside the anus. May also appearon the skin of the genitals.Flesh or brownish colored tiny spots orgrowths,; usually as small as the head of apin. Often painless.; possible itching, bleeding,mucus discharge and/or a feeling of a lumpor mass in the anal area.Requires surgical treatment.

    Two of the most typical health condition which cause confusion: hemorrhoids & analwarts. Sorta the same; yet totally different.Anal warts:

    Hemorrhoids:are a very painful condition.Symptoms are anal itching, pain (especiallywhile sitting), blood on stool, and lumps nearthe anus.They are often soft or squishy to touch, andthey range in size from how big a pea to thesize of the grape.Home remedies often work and surgery israrely needed.

    Differences Between

    Anal Warts & Hemorrhoids