10 Facts About Psychology that Everybody Should Know

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<p> PowerPoint</p> <p>FACTSABOUT PSYCHOLOGYTHAT EVERY PERSON SHOULD KNOW10Being Informed about Your Own Mind and Fun Psychology Facts</p> <p>SPENDING MONEY ON OTHERS BOOSTS HAPPINESSWhen you BUY AN EXPERIENCE or BUY SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE, you boost your happiness more than if you had bought something for yourself.</p> <p>LISTENING TO MUSIC EFFECTS YOUR PERCEPTION OF LIFEIts a common fact that MUSIC AFFECTS YOUR MOOD, but did you know that the music you listen to and how often effects your perception on the world and your life.</p> <p>ANNOUNCING YOUR GOALS CAN JINX YOUYou might think that TELLING YOURSELF over and over again that YOU WILL SUCCEED OUT LOUD, as well as TELLING OTHERS, is a magic charm that ensures success. In reality, it puts undue pressure on yourself, which makes you more likely to fail.</p> <p>THINKING IN A SECOND LANGUAGE BRINGS MORE RATIONAL CLARITYIf youre ESL or know a second language, THINKING IN YOUR NON-MOTHER TONGUE(S) can bring you MORE MENTAL CLARITY.</p> <p>When University of Chicago researchers studied the mental acuity of Korean citizens who were verbalizing and thinking in English or other languages, their biases were reduced.</p> <p>YOUR MEMORY IS A MINI INCEPTIONThink back to a childhood memory. While it may not matter much, you arent recalling the actual event YOUR MIND IS VENTURING BACK TO THE LAST RECORDED REMEMBERING OF THAT SPECIFIC MEMORY.</p> <p>UNDERSTANDING THE DUNNING KRUGER EFFECTDo you think youre the smartest person in the room? Or are you humble in your intelligence? THE DUNNING KRUGER EFFECT is what makes people either over or underestimate their intelligence. BRILLIANT PEOPLE ARE OFTEN HUMBLE, while the more ignorant a person is, the more they believe in their mental prowess.</p> <p>RELIGION CAN REDUCE STRESSAccording to the The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Mood Disorders, those who participate in regular religious activity are LESS LIKELY TO BE STRESSED AND DEPRESSED. This can also extend to regular meditation with a non-religious affiliation.</p> <p>WHY YOU LIKE YOUR FAVORITE MUSICWhen you listen to your favorite song, youre actually RECEIVING HAPPINESS FROM A FAVORITE MEMORY associated with the music. Whether you actively acknowledge it or not, your FAVORITE MUSIC is likely subconsciously LINKED TO A MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE.</p> <p>IF YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY, HANG OUT WITH HAPPY PEOPLEIt might have been obvious to you before, but now you have concrete scientific proof. When you spend time with happy people, youre MORE LIKELY TO ABSORB some of their HAPPINESS for yourself.</p> <p>WANT TO SLEEP WELL? TELL YOURSELF YOU DIDIf you convince yourself that you slept well or all the way through the night, you can trick your brain into actually thinking this is the truth. IT BOOSTS YOUR ABILITY TO FEEL AWAKE THROUGHOUT THE DAY.</p>