Tired, Stressed, or Depressed

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  • XanGo is about to make history again with the upcoming launch of our latest category-creating product that represents another giant leap forward in the health and wellness industry. This is the most transformational product since XanGo Juice.

    *History has proven time and again that the greatest opportunities have arisen from the greatest problems, and perhaps the greatest modern problem we personally experience today, and that we see all around us, is that we are all tired, stressed, and depressed. The pace, the pressures and the demands of modern life are huge. The global economic crisis has all of us worried. The pace of change continues to accelerate. We have family obligations, work obligations, church, school, friends, house, cars, traffic, taxes sometimes its a wonder we function at all!

    *The number one reason that people go see a doctor is that they are tired, stressed and depressed. In fact, its such a problem that 1 in 3 doctors visits are to treat these symptoms. Not injury. Not disease. Not illness. Tired, stressed and depressed. *There is no doubt that the economy is a problem and its creating lots of financial pressure. Sure spouses and teenagers and babies can be challenging sometimes. Yes, jobs and commutes and bosses and coworkers are difficult. But these arent the real problems that are making us feel tired, stressed and depressed. Theyre just contributors. The real problem is the way our body responds to these stressors. Stress has always been a part of life and our bodies are designed to help us cope with it. But todays modern lifestyle and diet, and our constant exposure to stress makes it more difficult for our bodies to work the way they are supposed to work. So we feel bad.

    *Doctors do all they can to help us using the tools at hand. But the number of visits to doctors just continues to rise. So we treat ourselves too. We tackle tired, stressed and depressed with energy drinks, and coffee, and alcohol and anything else we can get our hands on.

    And its virtually impossible to put a price tag on the enormous amount of money being spent on all the ways that we try to relieve stress, but the current estimate goes beyond $80 billion dollars.


    Scientists define vigor as a holistic combination of physical energy, mental acuity, and emotional balanceand thats what were really going for. Vigor really is wellness in the biggest possible sense. When we feel good physically, mentally and emotionally, then we have vigor and when our vigor is low, we tend to spiral down into feeling tired/stressed/& depressed.

    *Vigor is something that we can measure in the lab or the clinic and the vigor score is a very robust, scientifically valid research term from psychology. One way to measure Vigor is using a tool called the Profile of Mood States survey or POMS. The POMS has been used in more than 3,000 studies making it the true gold standard for assessing vigor. Using the POMS, we can not only measure a persons Vigor but we can also measure their level of fatigue or energy their degree of tension or anxiety and their levels of mental focus and overall mood. *One of the reasons that so many people have such a positive response to X51 is because so many people have the disrupted metabolic balance that comes from chronic stress and leads to low Vigor. Our patent-pending, all natural formula certainly doesnt remove stress from our lives, but by restoring metabolic balance, we can feel less stressed out and have improved physical, mental, and emotional energy levels.* BACHELORS DEGREES IN SPORTS MEDICINE (B.S.) AND FITNESS MANAGEMENT (B.A.), MARIETTA COLLEGE MASTER'S DEGREE (M.S.) IN EXERCISE SCIENCE, UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS PH.D. IN NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY. RECIPIENT OF A DOZEN COMPETITIVE RESEARCH AWARDS. PUBLISHED OVER 200 ARTICLES ON NUTRITION, HEALTH AND FITNESS. PAST DIRECTOR OF THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH NUTRITION CLINIC

    *As you can see on this slide from one of our research studies, we see measures such as Fatigue and Depression being cut by HALF (48% reduction in Fatigue and 52% reduction in Depression). Vigor that combination of mental/physical/emotional energy is improved by 27% which is a huge margin. Its also important to understand that these are not only statistically significant results, but these are meaningful results that people can feel and make use of in their lives.