Thinking About Skipping Your Next Dental Exam? Think Again

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  2. 2. THINKING ABOUT SKIPPING YOUR NEXT DENTAL EXAM? THINKAGAINDentists worldwide recommend that people should get their teeth examined at least once a year. Howeverfor some of us living a very busy lifestyle, scheduling yet another appointment can be too much of a drag.Moreover, after the first visit, most people are usually less inclined to come back because they feel thatbrushing their teeth every day and practicing good dental hygiene should keep them in the clear. True, it justmight, however a quick dental checkup never hurts to confirm the health of your teeth and to check for anyother conditions that might be developing undetected.For those people who are thinking about skipping their next dental exam, think again. Because skipping thatappointment could prove to be extremely costly. In todays post we will highlight some of the reasons whyskipping is a bad idea.
  3. 3. GUM DISEASES AND SYSTEMIC DISEASEA recent study highlighted some very unusual results. According to it, there was an astonishing amount of dataconfirming the link between periodontal diseases (also known as gum disease) and a wide number of systemic diseasesthat people develop as they age.This includes heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and respiratory disease. This means that anyone who hasthese conditions can potentially be facing gum disease in the future years. Its best to act no and keep the gums in goodshape. That would be at least one less thing you have to worry about as you get older.
  4. 4. TOBACCO USE AND GUM DISEASEStudy after study has shown that people who consume tobacco ultimately end up developing gum disease. Itis a nasty habit that can cost an individual dearly in the form of gum cancer or periodontal disease; the leadingcause of tooth loss in an individual.If you take tobacco on a steady basis, you should get your teeth examined to see how they are affecting yourgums. Based on that you can get started on medication that would help curb the effects of tobacco on theteeth and gums.
  5. 5. STRESS LEADS TO GUM DISEASEAs we didnt have enough to stress about already. Studies have confirmed that people who are under a lot ofstress end up developing periodontal disease faster than those who are relaxed. If you are living a stressfullifestyle or if you are under a lot of stress for the most part, then first thing you need to do is to work out yourlifestyle and re-arrange things so that you are calmer and secondly you need to
  6. 6. 75% OF ADULTS WILL DEVELOP GUM DISEASEThis is not to say that gum disease is inevitable. But we ashuman are more likely to catch it unless we take care of ourgums and teeth from an early stage. And part of thatinvolves timely dental exams. 75% of all adults will developsome form of periodontal disease at some point in theirlives be it tender gums to weak teeth. Proper dental carecan delay that for years.To conclude, dont skip that dental appointment. Formore information, contact a family dental clinic in yourarea and sit down with a dentist to go over your options.When it comes to dental care, there is only one rule. Youtake care of your teeth and they will take care of you.
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