Pyridinium Salts - Composition & Industrial Uses

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Pyridinium Salts

(Composition & Industrial Uses)


Pyridinium salts fall under the category of cationic surfactants

Chemical industries have been using cationic surfactants in several applications for a long time now

Surfactant facilitates in lowering the tension between two surfaces (either two liquids, or a solid and liquid)

This chemical compound has found its way into medical field as well


They are unsaturated heterocyclic compounds

Heterocyclic compounds have a ring structure with a minimum of two different elements as its members

Pyridine salts have different element or functional group present on their ring or at the Nitrogen atom

Pyridinium salts have a basic composition of Pyridinium Chloride (C5H6ClN)


The two most important properties of a Pyridine salt which make them valuable for specialty chemical manufacturers are CMC (Critical Micelle Concentration) and surface tension

Used as effective disinfectants and germicides

The disinfectant property offers usage in medicinal applications for production of solutions like eye drops and foams


Butyl Pyridinium Chloride (C9H14ClN)

Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride (C21H38NCl)

Lauryl Pyridinium Chloride (C17H32ClNO)

Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC)

CPC is one of the popular Pyridinium salts used as an antiseptic to kill bacteria and microorganisms

Molecular formula C21H38NCL

At room temperature CPC is found to be in solid state

Melting point 77 degree Celsius in anhydrous form

Soluble in water, but not in acetone, acetic acid or ethanol

Applications of CPC

Protection of poultry against bacterial contamination

It is used in dentistry as an anti-plaque agent in chewing gums

Ground water cleaning by removal of pollutants like arsenic and perchlorate from it

It is present in various toothpastes and mouthwashes

Prevents gingivitis (a disease that occurs around teeth)

Applications of CPC (continued..)

Many throat, breath and nasal sprays use CPC

CPC is an active ingredient in several pesticides

Used as bactericidal surfactant for skin, wounds, mucous membranes, and instruments

Cetylpyridinium chloride is found in commercial products like 1-palmitylpyridinium chloride, cetafilm, cepacol, ipanol, medilave, merothol, pyrisept, and asept


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