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2. PRESENT CONTINUOUSWe use the Present Continuous to talk about actionsthat are happening at the moment of speaking. STRUCTURESubject Pronoun + Verb to be (am/are/is) + Verb (-ing) I am working You are working He is workingShe is workingWe are working They are working 3. EXAMPLES She is dancing. 4. The monkey is eating bananas. 5. They are playing soccer. 6. She is watching TV. 7. They are fighting. 8. PRESENT CONTINUOUS Rules Verbs ended by E, we drop E and add ING: MAKE = makingTAKE = taking LEAVE = leavingVerbs ended by consonant + vowel + consonant (CVC),we double the last letter:RUN = runningCUT = cuttingPUT = putting 9. But, when the last syllable is stressed, we also double the letter:STOP = stopping BEGIN = beginning SWIM = swimmingVerbs ended by IE, we change it to Y: LIE = lying DIE = dying TIE = tying 10. Verbs ended by W, X and Y, we do not double the last consonant:FIX = fixingSTUDY = studying LOW (literary) = lowingDo you understand it? 11. TIME TO PRACTICE! What are you doing now? Im studying English now. What is he doing? He is fixing the car. 12. What is she doing?She is singing.What are they doing?Theyre riding horses. 13. What is he doing?Hes playing basketball.What is she doing?She is playing the guitar. 14. PROGRESSION 2Verbs & Expressions followed by Infinitive or GerundSome verbs in English can be either followed by another verb + Infinitive or + Gerund (-ing). Examples: I have to stop smoking. (gerund) I need to study for a test. (infinitive)It also happens to some expressions such as: GIVE UP = She gave up studying German.FEEL LIKE = I feel like dancing all night long. CANT STAND = I cant stand listening to jazz. CANT HELP = Peter cant help hitting on girls. 15. ENJOY = Is it followed by Infinitive or Gerund?Gerund = Jennifer enjoys staying home on weekends. WANT = Is it followed by Infinitive or Gerund? Infinitive = They want to stay up all night.QUIT = Is it followed by Infinitive or Gerund?Gerund = He needs to quit smoking. 16. MIND = Is it followed by Infinitive or Gerund?Gerund = Kathie doesnt mind working on Sundays.HAVE = Is it followed by Infinitive or Gerund? Infinitive = They have to go home now.FINISH = Is it followed by Infinitive or Gerund? Gerund = I have to finish reading the book. 17. PAY ATTENTION!Some verbs can be both followed by Infinitive or Gerund.LOVE I love to go shopping. I love going shopping.LIKE I like to dance.I like dancing.HATEWe hate to study math.We hate studying math.START They will start to practice now. They will start practicing now.BEGINShe always begins to cry when he comes to class.She always begins crying when he comes to class. 18. REMEMBER >> Examples of verbs followed by:INFINITIVE GERUND BOTH (Infinitive/Gerund) WANTENJOY NEEDSTOP / QUIT LOVEHAVE FINISH LIKEPRETEND MIND HATE OFFER CANT STAND BEGINetc... GIVE UP STARTFEEL LIKE etc... 19. TIME TO PRACTICE!Choose the correct option: Marie and Peter love ... ( to go / going) to the mall. BOTH He is going to stop ... ( to drink / drinking ) too much beer. They hate ... ( to play / playing ) cards. BOTH We enjoy ... ( to listen to / listening to ) classical music. Gabriel needs ... ( to study / studying ) more. Sheila isnt going to give up ... ( to study / studying ) English. I dont mind ... ( to stay / staying ) here waiting for you. He has ... ( to pay attention / paying attention ) to that sign. 20. PROGRESSION 3Agreeing and Disagreeing with Likes and DeslikesSharon: I love ice cream. Jennifer: So do I. (agreeing) Shirley: I enjoy going shopping.Ashley: Me too. (agreeing)orI do, too. 21. A: I dont like pizza. B: Neither do I.(agreeing)A: I dont like to eat eggs.B: I dont, either.(agreeing) 22. OTHER EXAMPLESA: I cant stand listening to jazz.B: But I can. (disagreeing)A: Alicia is very sad today.B: But Im not. (disagreeing) 23. PAY ATTENTION TO THE VERBAL TENSE!A: Jefferson is going to eat an apple. B: So am I.I A: She cant drive a car.B: Neither can I. I cant, either. cant 24. Alice: Gosh! Your brother spends hours infront of the computer.Beatrice: Yeah, I know...and so does my father. 25. Damian: I enjoy watching cartoons on TV. Jess: But I dont. dont 26. PROGRESSION 4Describing what people are wearing 27. T-SHIRT SHIRTDRESS SKIRTSHORTS PANTS JEANS BLOUSE 28. TRACK SUITSLACKS CROP PANTS PANTYHOSETIEBELT HATCAP 29. SWEATERCOAT JACKET VESTTURTLENECK SWEATSHIRTSUIT TUX / TUXEDO 30. SOCKSGLOVESMITTENS BRAUNDERWEARNIGHTGOWN PAJAMAS 31. SNEAKERSBOOTSHIGH HEEL SHOES SHOES SANDALSFLIP FLOPS 32. LETS REVIEW SOME COLORS IN ENGLISH!RED YELLOWGREENBLUE ORANGEPURPLE PINK GRAY BROWN BLACKWHITEBEIGE 33. DESCRIBING WHAT PEOPLE ARE WEARING This is Shaggy.He is wearing a green t-shirt, brown pants and black shoes. 34. This is Marge Simpson.She is wearing a green dress and red shoes. 35. This is Ben 10.He is wearing a black and white t-shirt, green pantsand black and white sneakers. 36. This is Cebolinha.He is wearing a yellow t-shirt, a green jacket, jeans and red sneakers. 37. TIME TO PRACTICE!What is he wearing? 38. What is she wearing? 39. What is he wearing? 40. What is she wearing? 41. What is he wearing? 42. What is she wearing? 43. What is he wearing? 44. And you?What are you wearing today? 45. LOOK AT THE PICTURE AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONSWho is wearing black shorts?Who is wearing a blue dress?Who is wearing a yellow shirt?Who is wearing a pink dress? Who is wearing a blue tie?Who is wearing a gray t-shirt? 46. PROGRESSION 5 Talking about PreferencesSarah: Which car am I going to buy: a Mercedes or a BMW?Peter: I dont know. You choose. Sarah: I guess Im buying a BMW. 47. A: Which color do you prefer: purple, yellow or green?B: I prefer green. 48. GRAMMAR NOTESWHICH is used with or without a noun.We use it to ask about things or peoplewhen there is a restricted choice.Which jacket is mine: the red one or the blue one?Which party do you want to go: Peters or Anns? Which language do you want to learn:Chinese or Italian? 49. TIME TO PRACTICE!Which of your parents do you feel closer to: your father or your mother? Which kind of movie do you prefer: comedies or thrillers? Which color do you like most: black or red?Which is your favorite singer: Mariah Carey or Britney Spears? Which holiday is your favorite: Valentines Day or Christmas? 50. Fonte: Material Skill

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