Family Caregiver Part I: Tips for Recognizing, Discussing, And Caring For A Loved One

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<p> 1. Part I: Tips For Recognizing, Discussing, AndCaring For A Loved OneContinence Care Management: What A Family Caregiver Needs to KnowFrom The National Association For Continence 2. Role as Family Caregiver Support your loved one andassure them of the importanceof seeking a healthcare providerfor recommendations Educate yourself about options,resources, and opportunities Understand the etiology (sourceand factors) of the symptoms Express your willingness to beproactive Bring up other topics such asdiet adjustment, physicalactivity etc. 3. Recognizing It is important for family caregivers to recognize theimportance of addressing continence care. As family caregiver should educate themselves torecognize the symptoms and severity of incontinencetoileting, needs, limitations, and absorbent productrequirements. Transitioning into the role of a family caregiver can be adifficult one, especially when incontinence is involved. Being a caregiver can present its own uniquechallenges, addressing some concerns and askingsimple questions can give you a better understandingof the patients situation 4. Medical ConditionsThat Contribute to Incontinence Alzheimers Disease Arthritis Central Nervous Disorders Dementia Diabetes Hypertension Insomnia Obesity Parkinsons Disease Urinary Tract Infections 5. DiscussingAsking some simple questions can also give you a clearunderstanding: Do you ever have difficulty making it to the bathroomon time? Do you need to urinate more than every two hours ormore than eight times a day? Do you need to get up more than once a night tourinate? How often, if ever, do you reach the toilet intime? Do you ever need to wear a pad or something toprotect your clothes from leakage? 6. Caring Care for your loved one according to theirspecific case Continence status should be assessed and anychange should be documented Screening includes:- Physical functionality- Incontinence severity- Degree of assistanceneeded with toileting 7. Thank you! </p>