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<ul><li><p>Welcome toPrestonwood Dentalcc</p></li><li><p>Dallas Tooth Whitening Dentistc</p></li><li><p>Dallas Tooth Whitening DentistGentle Dentistry With Care, Comfort &amp; ConcernWelcome to Dallas, Texas premier dentistry, where many new patients choose to obtain their Cosmetic &amp; General dentistry needs. Dr. Shweta Daftary delivers world class dental aesthetics to patients from all walks of life. We listen to your dental concerns and provide excellent Cosmetic, General and Restorative smile care in a professional and comfortable surrounding using the best high-tech dentistry. c</p></li><li><p>Dallas Tooth Whitening DentistHighly Experienced TeamDr. Shweta Daftary, Dallas dentist, and her extraordinary team at Preston wood Dental are proud to provide an optimal dental experience from your Initial Consultation through the final result of your cosmetic or general dental treatment. We seek to provide the highest quality dental care in a relaxing and safe environment with special attention to patient comfort, safety and affordability. Our strength lies in the fact that we are private boutique dentistry. We take time to get to know our patients and encourage them to candidly discuss their oral health issues with us. </p></li><li><p>Dallas Tooth Whitening DentistLatest Technology &amp; Services OfferedDallas Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Daftary and her team strive to educate their patients and the community about various modern dental procedures available, such as, Veneers, Tooth whitening, Life-like crowns, Mini implants, Laser dentistry and other advances in todays dentistry. We stand behind every treatment we perform and it shows in our one of its kind Smile Guarantee program. From Dallas Mini Implants to the best in Dallas Clear braces, Preston wood Dental is your Affordable Dallas Dentist.</p></li><li><p>Dallas Tooth Whitening DentistContact UsShweta G. Daftary, DDS Preston wood Dental 6009 Beltline Rd., Ste 100 Dallas, TX 75254</p><p>Tel - (972) 239-1998 Fax - (972) 239-8899 Emer - (972) 897-8030</p><p>http://prestonwooddental.com/</p></li></ul>