Cancer: Talk About It

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T A L K A B O U T I TC A N C E RR O B E R T H O R N U N GOCTOBER IS Breast Cancer Awareness MonthLiving with or loving someone whohas cancer can be challenging onits own, talking about can be evenmore difficult.BUT DOING SORaises awarenessAnd it can also be a source ofhealing for the survivor, not tokeep emotions bottled up.TALKING ABOUT ITCan help youOrganize your thoughts, make youfeel less anxious and in morecontrol of the situation.YOU CAN STARTBy talkingTo someone other than thoseclosest to you; those who specializein counseling and conversations.IF YOU AREA relative of someone battlingThe illness, make sure your lovedone knows he/she can talk to youand that you are there to listen.DON'TFeel ObligatedTo discuss things about which youare uncomfortable. If you don'twant to talk, share that with yourfamily.ALWAYS BEOpen and upfrontAbout how and when you prefer tocommunicate, and yourexpectations from the listener.FOR MOREInfo & ResourcesVisit:BobHornungPhilanthropy.com H A N K Y O URobertHornungPhilanthropy.com