Benefits of New Electronic Magnification Devices versus Conventional Magnifiers

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Kevin Huff, O.D. of ViewFinder Low Vision Resource Center and Justin Moore, Regional Manager of Enhanced Vision will discuss the benefits of new electronic magnification devices versus conventional magnifiers. Dr. Huff earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arizona. He completed his optometric degree at the Southern California College of Optometry. Dr. Huff also completed training in Low Vision Rehabilitation at the Southern Arizona Veterans Administration Healthcare System in Tucson, Arizona and at the Foothills Center for the Partially Sighted in Glendora, CA. Electronic magnifiers have helped thousands of people with Macular Degeneration and other Low Vision conditions regain their visual independence. To find out if Electronic Magnification is right for you; please join us for this informative session.


  • 1. Kevin Huff O.D. ViewFinder Low Vision Resource Center www.viewfinderlowvision.com1830 S. Alma School Rd. 10001 W. Bell Road Mesa, Arizona 85210Sun City, Arizona 85351(888)

2. My professional experience My personal experience (888) 811-3161 3. Low Vision Rehabilitation Definition Any chronic uncorrectable visual impairment thatlimits daily functioning Better defined by the main goal(888) 4. Independence (888) 811-3161 5. Use Vision More Efficiently Modify the size of the object (Magnification) Enhance Contrast (usually by improving lighting)(888) 6. Conditions like Macular Degeneration affect thecentral vision Conditions like Glaucoma and RetinitisPigmentosa affect the peripheral vision(888) 7. Patients can be trained how to use parts of theirvision that still remain Eccentric Viewing Training (888) 811-3161 8. Visual Fields and Scotoma awareness: Humphrey 10-2: usually for Macular Problems Humphrey 30-2: usually for Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Strokes (888) 811-3161 9. (888) 10. Patients with Macular Degeneration are greatcandidates for magnification Magnification makes objects big enough to allowpatients to get around blind spots (888) 811-3161 11. If a patients blind spot is large enough to blockan object the patient will not see it If that same object is magnified so that it is largerthan the blind spot, the brain is able to fill in themissing information as if blind spot isnt there(888) 12. Relative Size Magnification Relative Distance Magnification Angular Magnification(888) 13. Relative Size Magnification Make the object larger i.e. Large print items(888) 14. Relative Distance Magnification Bring things closer(888) 15. Angular Magnification Magnification through optics (888) 811-3161 16. (888) 17. (888) 18. Contrast Sensitivity is lost in most diseases thatcause low vision, especially macular degeneration Contrast can be enhanced in two ways Lighting Physically changing the material to high contrast colorssuch as black and white(888) 19. Tools available Use eyes more efficiently Enhance Contrast Magnification(888) 20. Magnification Types Relative Size Relative Distance Angular Magnification(888) 21. Conventional Spectacles/ Microscopic Glasses Hand Magnifiers Stand Magnifiers Telemicroscopes Electronic Devices (888) 811-3161 22. Use Relative Distance magnification(888) 23. ADVANTAGES Hands-free Cosmetically acceptable Option patients ask for the most (888) 811-3161 24. DISADVANTAGES Fixed reading distance Short working distance Obstructs illumination Binocularity not possible above +10.00 DS(888) 25. (888) 26. (888) 27. (888) 28. Use Angular Magnification primarily Illuminated magnifiers enhance contrast Can also be used with relative distancemagnification(888) 29. ADVANTAGES Portable Inexpensive Greater working distance than glasses(888) 30. DISADVANTAGES Reduced field of view Both hands occupied May be difficult to keep in focus Not great for long term tasks, especially over 4X Problems with hand tremor or arthritis(888) 31. (888) 32. Use Angular Magnification primarily Illuminated magnifiers enhance contrast Can also be used with relative distancemagnification(888) 33. ADVANTAGES Fixed focal length Portable Better than hand magnifier over 4-5X Can be used with hand tremors (888) 811-3161 34. DISADVANTAGES Reduced field of view Reduced illumination Requires the use of accommodation, reading glasses ora bifocal Each stand magnifier has specific requirements for addpower to maintain clarity & magnification (888) 811-3161 35. (888) 36. (888) 37. Use angular magnification(888) 38. ADVANTAGES Mounted to keep hands free Longer working distance than glasses Binocularity up to 5X (888) 811-3161 39. DISADVANTAGES Critical depth of focus or working distance Smallest field of view for comparable magnification Decreases contrast (888) 811-3161 40. (888) 41. (888) 42. Use relative size magnification (or is it angularmagnification?) Can use relative distance magnification Enhance contrast Can be used with eccentric viewing(888) 43. Advantages Large range of magnification (up to 75X) Increased Contrast Decreased Glare Increased Working Distance PC Compatible (888) 811-3161 44. Advantages Portable Capture images Distance vision(888) 45. Disadvantages Cost: Many options available to help with this Portability: Not a problem anymore Hard to use: this is a myth (888) 811-3161 46. Types of Electronic Devices Desktop Portable New Type that I call the Acrobat Class (888) 811-3161 47. (888) 48. (888) 49. Desktop CCTV Combines large magnification range with largefield of view Enhances Contrast Tray allows for smooth reading even at highermagnification levels Controls are very easy to use(888) 50. Excellent option for near tasks Reading Writing Looking at photos(888) 51. Simple, easy to use controls Long lasting LED lighting for truer picture andcolor 19, 22 and 24 Monitors Magnification 2.4x to 85x varies with monitor size Screen easily pivots, both horizontally andvertically to provide the most comfortable viewingposition You can personalize with 7 viewing modes 3 year warranty(888) 52. (888) 53. (888) 54. When the Acrobat LCD was introduced, it createdthe standard for a new class of CCTV The portable desktop CCTV Ideal for patients who travel for extended periods oftime, i.e. winter visitors in Arizona No longer have to purchase two desktop CCTVs(888) 55. Moving camera head allows patient to use thisdevice for multiple tasks Reading Writing Working with hands (888) 811-3161 56. Moving camera head allows patient to use thisdevice for multiple tasks See their own face, i.e. makeup, shaving etc. See others faces, i.e. grandchildren Distance vision(888) 57. Auto focus 3-in-1 camera for seeing yourself upclose, reading and distance viewing Detachable camera for use at multiple workstations 19, 22, & 24 provide up to 82x adjustablemagnification (varies with LCD size) 28 available viewing modes to optimize contrastand brightness Line markers, object locator, remote control andmore Two Year Warranty (888) 58. (888) 59. (888) 60. Similar Advantages to Acrobat LCD with a fewextras Even more portable Able to capture images (888) 811-3161 61. Excellent option for students or people whoattend presentations/ conferences often(888) 62. Weighs less than three pounds 2.4x to 30x magnification (based on17 screen) Camera rotates 330 degrees reading, distance &self viewing modes Connects to laptop, desktop computer or monitor. 28 custom color select modes Battery operated - up to 4 hours Built in LED lighting Auto install software/ plug & play 2 year warranty(888) 63. (888) 64. (888) 65. (888) 66. Large portable CCTV Extremely large field of view for portable CCTV Screen tilts up and down to allow for comfortable use Can be connected to TV Monitor for even larger field ofview Able to freeze images(888) 67. Crisp, high-definition image Lightweight and portable 3.5x to 14x magnification Large 6.5 anti-glare LCD screen tilts for mostcomfortable viewing angle Large field of view allow the reader to see more ofthe reading area Freeze frame with adjustable size and contrast 6 viewing modes to optimize contrast andbrightness 2 year warranty(888) 811-3161 68. (888) 69. (888) 70. Lightweight Portable CCTV Ideal size for patient to carry with them(888) 71. Can be used for reading and many near spottingtasks Reading menus Shopping- seeing price tags and labels Seeing household items like stove dials and thermostats Signing documents such as checks and receipts(888) 72. Adjustable magnification 2x to 10x Lightweight design 3.5 or 4.3 high resolution LCD Large viewing area in a small package Adjustable brightness 28 available viewing modes Foldable handle with comfort grip Freeze image feature with capability to magnifyand change mode. 2 year warranty (888) 811-3161 73. To Schedule a Free No Obligation in Home DemonstrationCall: 888-811-3161Email:


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