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<ul><li><p>All About New Teeth in a Day</p></li><li><p>Got Loose Dentures?</p><p>People stay with dentures because getting permanent teeth is too costly.</p><p>But,</p><p>Dentures become loose and quality of life is effected.</p><p>They slip.They move.They even fall out!</p></li><li><p>Your Teeth in a Bad Shape</p><p>Your teeth is in Bad Shape and you need a permanent solution? </p><p>Many individuals develop fear and anxiety when thinking about dentists. As teeth health goes down, so does confidence and enjoyment of life.</p></li><li><p>Lost your Teeth</p><p>Lost your teeth accidentally or due to various issues.</p><p>And there is a hope for you to get the smile you have been dreaming of again.</p><p>Imagine going to sleep and then waking up</p><p> with brand new smile!</p></li><li><p>Here is the solution</p><p>Now there is a better option with New Teeth in a Day.</p><p>Get brand new permanent teeth in one visit while you sleep with New Teeth in a Day.</p><p>Get new permanent teeth in a day while you sleepOver 25 years of helping people with dental related fear and anxiety</p></li><li><p>New Teeth in a Day OttawaExperience fear-free dentistry with New Teeth in a Day sedation techniques.</p><p>Our associate, Dr. Saso has been delivering hundreds of cases since 2010.</p><p>With Teeth-in-a-Day procedure, our patients come for one treatment. It involves being under the care of the only dental anesthesiologist in the Greater Ottawa area.</p></li><li><p>New Teeth in a Day vs Conventional ImplantsOld Treatment</p><p>8 Implants needed per jaw</p><p>Bone grafting(taking bone from hip) required to secure the implants</p><p>Multiple Surgeries needed and healing time was longer</p><p>Temporary removable dentures needed for atleast 1 year</p><p>Process takes 12 -18 months</p><p>Very expensive: $80,000 $100,000 for both jaws</p><p>New Teeth in a Day Treatment</p><p>4 Implants per jaw which acts like the root of your own teeth.</p><p>No bone grafting needed, which means no additional painful surgery</p><p>You can enjoy your new teeth immediately</p><p>Less implants means less surgeries, which equals less cost</p><p>Treatment is done in ONE VISIT</p><p>$30,000 $35,000 per jaw</p></li><li><p>Success Stories</p></li><li><p>Dr.SasoDr.Saso began his career as a Dental Intern at Sunnybrook HealthSciences Centre in Toronto, learning advanced dental proceduresfrom various dental specialists and furthering his knowledge ofanaesthesia and medicine.</p><p>In 1990, Dr. Saso relocated to Ottawa, Ontario where he joined a groupdental practice that focuses on sedation dentistry.</p><p>Currently, he offers his services at the private practice Dental Anaesthesia Group and provides consultations for the Ottawa Hospital Department of Dentistry.</p><p>His practice is limited to patients who require advanced techniques of pain and anxiety control. </p></li><li><p>Click the link below to book a free consultation now!</p><p>https://newteethinaday.ca/contact-us/ </p><p>https://newteethinaday.ca/contact-us/</p><p>Slide 1Slide 2Slide 3Slide 4Slide 5Slide 6Slide 7Slide 8Slide 9Slide 10</p></li></ul>


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