Lumberton Senior High School Handshake Program Overview

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The Handshake Program focuses on young people in 10th to 12th grade who: Are at risk of disengagement from education, training, and employment Have already disengaged from these opportunities Have post-graduate intentions and would like access to mentors Would like to see what the world looks like outside of Lumberton, but have no means to access it


<ul><li> 1. Lumberton Sr. High SchoolMentor/Youth Handshake Program</li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda1. Why We Are Here Today2. What is the Handshake Program3. Who We Assist4. Who We Are5. What Makes Us Different6. Our Strategic Aspirations7. Our Resources8. Key Performance Indicators9. Community Benefits10. Risks11. Our Commitment12. What We Are Seeking13. Summary 3. Why We Are Here Today Lumberton Senior High School has an 82.5% graduation rate 44% of high school graduates from Lumberton Senior HighSchool attend a 4 year college In contrast, only 12.9% adults over 25 in Robeson Countyhave a Bachelors Degree (NC Average 27%)**Data from US Census Bureau 2008 2012After high school, I felt prepared for college academically, andsocially. When I got here, it was tough to adjust mentally andemotionally.**** 4. Why We Are Here Today If 82.5% of students graduate from high school, 44% ofwhich attend 4-year universities, why are only 12% ofpeople over the age of 25 in Lumberton college educated? It is time for those of us who have benefited from beingeducated at a U.S. News &amp; World Report Bronze Ratedhigh school to give back to our hometown. Those who remain in Lumberton should not have to solelycarry the weight to be positive influences. No sector cantackle deep-rooted social problems alone. Those who have left home must explore the potential for apartnership with the communities, businesses, and youth inour hometown.The objective of the Handshake Program is to ensure that allyoung people in our region have the ability to engage those whogrew up in a similar environment in order to more successfullynavigate the transition from high school student to post-graduatelife. 5. What Is The Handshake ProgramPlaytime: How This Should Play OutBelow is a hypothetical story of what we would like to see as an outcomefrom a typical youth participating in the our program: Jaden was a 10th grade student at Lumberton Senior High School He was an extremely intelligent student and scored well on tests, andhis local mentors kept him on the straight and narrow path towardgraduation Although Jaden was a good kid and productive member of thecommunity, there was no one with whom he could ask questionsabout what he wanted to do for a living Jaden was provided with an online mentor through the Handshakeprogram, selected from our database of volunteers and given accessto our extensive archive of industry-specific interviews Jaden was also paired with other kids in the community who wereinterested in similar careers; they were able to build supportiverelationships and networks both on and offline Jaden was able to not only improve his self-worth by leveraging theHandshake Program, he was also able to be more prepared for lifeafter high school 6. What Is The Handshake Program:A Volunteers StoryI love my hometown. I bet most of you all do too, but beingfrom Lumberton, we all know how hard it is to get a goodunderstanding of industries that are not represented in ourhometown. While many of us have gone on to work in fields wemay have never known existed while growing up, most of ushave unfortunately had to leave our great hometown to getthere.Fortunately in the digital age, leaving it behind only means in aphysical form!I volunteered for the Handshake Program so I could help usproud hometown former residents create the "yellow brick road"for the kids back home who may be interested in an industry,but have no real world perspective on how to get there.We are committed to giving back and loving it!Each one. Teach one. 7. Who We AssistThe Handshake Program focuses onyoung people in 10th to 12th gradewho: Are at risk of disengagement from education,training, and employment Have already disengaged from theseopportunities Have post-graduate intentions and would likeaccess to mentors Would like to see what the world looks likeoutside of Lumberton, but have no means toaccess it 8. Who We Are:Organizational StructureLeadershipMentorship/Volunteer Services Virtual Mentor Session Leader (via Google Hangouts) Industry Interview Participant Industry Write-up Participant Internship Partner Administrative/IT Volunteer Planning &amp; Coordination Volunteer Public SpeakerAnthon Braddy ChairCEO, SocialGradeExecutive Officer Technology &amp; MentorshipTBD Executive Officer Education &amp; OutreachTBD Executive Officer Business &amp; Internships 9. Who We Are:Industry Focus Healthcare &amp; Pharmaceuticals Consulting Finance Sales &amp; Retail Legal Information Technology Social Good (ex. Social Work/Non-profits) Housing &amp; Real Estate Food, Beverage &amp; Hospitality Agriculture, Construction &amp; Manufacturing Military Cosmetology Ministry Journalism/Mass Communications, Advertising &amp;Marketing 10. What Makes Us Different We invest in the individual: We see improvementsto achievement, life skills, personal development andsocial skills as essential means to an end We focus on long term sustainable change: thattargets increased participation in education, trainingand employment Retention Strategy is crucial: Our program willhave strong retention strategy to provide youth witha continued connection to home Context is key: All of our work is designed to meetthe needs of young people and the community inwhich they live including local industry 11. Our Strategic Aspirations: TBDWe want to:Improve and expand the current student/volunteer membership baseExpand our scope to include:Young people transitioning to post-schoolYoung people who are disengaged from education, training andemployment40353025201510501st Qtr 2nd Qtr 2nd Qtr 2nd Qtr 12. Our Resources: TBDOur People Staff = TBD Volunteer mentors = TBD Mentees = TBDOur Funding Total funding = TBD By sourceOther Essential Partners Board of Education Public Schoolsof Robeson County TBDOur Assets Computers (TBD) TBDFunding Source Goals68%12%20%BusinessDonationsGrants 13. Key Performance IndicatorsMetrics TBD (Samples)n Measure high-school graduation percentages of kids who participatein the Handshake programn Measure college graduation percentages of kids who participate inthe Handshake programn Measure volunteer hours per monthn Measure volunteer retention percentagesn Measure youth retention percentagesn Measure year-end/exit survey responses 14. Community BenefitsThrough working with the Handshake Program, mentors are likely to gain: Improved communication skills A better understanding of adolescent youth An increased capacity to negotiate and problem solve A stronger sense of pride in our hometown and hopefulness from activeinvolvement in fostering a better environmentThrough working with the Handshake Program, businesses are likely to gain: Raised public profile through our recognition on any materials producedfor this project A stronger local community with more young people as active members both socially and economically Access to talented young people within your local area that could bepotential employeesWorking in partnerships is our core business!!! 15. RisksRisk Control measuresFinancial stability TBDAbility to maintain partnerships TBDOperational and legal TBD 16. Our CommitmentWe will ensure that volunteers and youthparticipants receive: Recognition and promotion of theircontributions through use of logos and quoteson marketing materials and hosting of contentcreated by the program Training of all volunteers to work along sideour staff and mentors Invitations to events in which the HandshakeProgram participates, including launches withevent leaders and their staff Community access to the many networks thatwe convene or in which we participate 17. What We Are Seeking To capture the imagination and support of the corporatesector as well as our community and volunteers To involve young people and volunteer mentors in thedesign, development and implementation of the HandshakeProgram To seek partners to provide assistance infundraising, promotion and marketing, participantidentification, event planning and communityengagement To increase the attractiveness of our hometown andcreate a dialogue around post-high school migrationpatterns while brainstorming on how we can reversethe trend**If we could get attract 15% more graduates eitherfrom our own kids who go to college or outsidegraduates, how would that impact the tax revenue,government makeup, social discourse, etc. of ourhometown? 18. SummaryWe can work together to create agreat program that benefits localbusinesses, our young people andour community.n Next Steps: Internal discussions Agree date for follow up </p>