Russell Hobbs Breadman Ultimate Breadmaker Model 10006 Instruction Manual & Recipes

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Free downloadable instruction manual and recipes for the Russell Hobbs Breadman Ultimate breadmaker model 10006 courtesy of Breadmaker Part Store, Ohio USA You must be signed in as a member to download this file. Registration is free. Click “Save” to download and save the complete pdf document file to your computer. &,abm,and,appliance,argos,art,article,aldi,asda,automatic,baker,bakery,bell,beerman,book,booklet,bread,breadmaker,care,cat,catalog,code,cook,cookbook,copy,corp,conglomerate,corporation,countertop,custom,data,deluxe,digital,directions,document,domestic,dough,download,downloadable,ebook,elder,electric,electronic,elite,English,equipment,factory,file,free,global,guide,group,hard,hardcopy,Hometec,household,info,information,instruction,inc,incorporated,ingredient,international,jarden,jutan,kmart,kitchen,kohls,language,leaflet,lidl,limited,ltd,machine,make,maker,manual,manuel,manufacturer,mdl,Meijer,mod,model,Montgomery,nbr,no,number,of,operation,operator,order,original,owner,pamphlet,part,pdf,personal.pty,pulse,recipe,ref,reference,regal,replacement,robuck,scan,sears,seb,Seiko,serie,series,serial,soft,softcopy,spare,style,tabletop,ty,type,use,user,venes,version,Walmart,ward,ware,woolworths

Text of Russell Hobbs Breadman Ultimate Breadmaker Model 10006 Instruction Manual & Recipes

  • 1. Brought to you by:Breadmaker Part

2. 2Exploded DiagramLoaf tin handlej Loaf tin!? ~Kneading__9--~arm 3. Making bread is easy, everyone knows that. But ...It can be a bit messy. The result can be a bit unpredictable. Occasionally it might haveto be thrown away (quietly). The windows might have to be opened to get rid of theburnt smell (before anyone else notices). And it never tastes quite the same as the lastlot, either.The problem, of course, is that there are just too many variables, too many things todo; mixing, kneading, resting, knocking back, doing it over again, pre-warming,temperature, timing, answering the phone...Then theres washing up, and wiping up the spilt flour. Its quite amazing the distanceflour can travel when youre kneading dough.Your Breadman Ultimate doesnt have these problems. Like everything else these days,its controlled by a microchip. Itll do everything apart from answering the phone.And itll do it the same way every timetheres hardly any washing upit kneads with the lid closed, so flour doesnt get everywhereNow for the bad news to get the best out of it, you have to read this booklet. Justonce. Just to get the hang of the machine. Then you can stick it in a drawer (untilsomething goes wrong).Safety (this is an important bit)Treat electrical appliances with respect most of them can give you a nasty bite.1. Dont put your Breadman in water, dont use it in the bathroom, dont use it near abasin or any other source of water, and dont use it outdoors.2. The Breadman must be used by or under the direct supervision of a responsible3adult.3. Store it and use it out of reach of children. Things like this fascinate children, so letthem watch, let them help, but keep a close eye on them, so they dont get hurt.4. Dont touch hot surfaces use oven gloves or folded tea towels. The window andthe upper parts of the body get very hot, the lid and the lower parts of the body justget hot.5. Keep clear of the vents in the sides and back of the Breadman and the top of thedispenser.6. Dont plug your Breadman in until after youve loaded the loaf tin (with theingredients), into it.7. Unplug it before you take the loaf tin out.8. Position your Breadman on a firm, level, heat-resistant surface, close to a powersocket and out of reach of children.9. Leave at least 5cm (2 inches) of space all round your Breadman to allow forventilation.10.Dont use your Breadman near or under curtains, cupboards, or anything that mightscorch or burn.11.Keep the Breadman and the mains lead away from hotplates, hobs, and burners.12.Dont cover the Breadman, and dont put anything on top of it, or itll overheat.13.Route the mains lead so that it doesnt overhang and cant be caught or trippedover. 4. 14.Unplug your Breadman when youre not using it, and let it cool down before moving4or cleaning it.15.Dont use accessories or attachments other than those we provide.16.Dont use it for any purpose other than those described in these instructions.17.Dont use anything metal or sharp on the loaf tin or the kneading arm, to avoidscratching the non-stick surfaces.18.Dont use it if it malfunctions, if its dropped or damaged, or if the mains lead orplug is damaged. The mains lead must be replaced by the manufacturer, in order toavoid hazard.Household use onlyBefore useTake the packaging off your Breadman, but keep it all until youre happy that itsworking properly. If theres a plastic label on the outside of the Breadman, listing itsfeatures, take it off.Before using your Breadman for the first time, or if its been out of use for a while,clean it out to remove dust, etc. (See Cleaning).If you give the Breadman to anyone else, give them this booklet too.How it worksChoose a recipeMeasure out the ingredientsPut them into the loaf tin in the correct order (this is essential)Put the loaf tin into the machineClose the lidSelect a programChoose the loaf size you want, 500g, 750g, 1kg (thats 1lb, 11lb and 2lb).Pick a colour light, medium, or dark crust.Set the timer (if appropriate)Start the program.When its finished, your Breadman will beep, then itll keep your bread warm for anhour. 5. Making BreadPREPARATION1. Sit your Breadman on a firm, level, heat-resistant surface, close to a power socket5and out of reach of children.2. Dont plug it in yet.3. Open the lid.4. Hold your Breadman down with one hand and pull the loaf tin handle up with theother. Its held in place by two spring clips.5. Check that the inside of the loaf tin is clean.6. Fit the kneading arm to the shaft in the bottom of the loaf tin. The shaft and thehole in the kneading arm are D-shaped, so itll only go on one way.7. Get the ingredients together. Measure them, have them all to hand, ready to add tothe loaf tin.8. Set out a wire tray (for the bread), a heatproof placemat (for the loaf tin), and ovengloves (for your hands protect both hands).ADDING THE INGREDIENTSIts important that you add the ingredients inthe right order. If the yeast gets wet, it mayactivate too early. If it comes in contact withany salt in the recipe, it may not work properly.9. Keep any extras fruit, nuts, raisins, one side, and add them to the dispenserafter youve closed the lid. Theyll be addedautomatically during the program.10. First, add the liquid. Its usually water, butmight include milk and/or eggs. The watershould be warm, but only warm, not hot orcold. Both hot and cold water will inhibit theyeast.11. Dont use milk with the timer; it mightcurdle before the bread-making process starts.12. Add any sugar and salt required by the recipe.13. Add any wet ingredients honey, syrup,molasses ...14. Add the dry ingredients flour, dried milk,herbs, spices ...15. Add the dried yeast (or bakingpowder/baking soda) last. Lay it on top ofthe other ingredients dont get it wet, oritll start working too soon.16. If youre using the timer, its essential tokeep the yeast (baking powder/baking soda)and water/liquid apart. If you dont, theyeast will activate, grow, and die before thebread-making starts. The result will be hard,dense, coarse, and about as edible as ahouse brick. 6. LOADING THE MACHINE17. Clean any spillage off the outside of the loaftin, then lower it gently into yourBreadman. Spillage inside the machine willburn on to the surfaces. Spillage on theelement will reduce its life dramatically.18. Push the loaf tin down past the spring clips.19. If it wont go down, its probably fouling thedrive. Lift it out, give the drive a quarter ofa turn clockwise, then try again.20.Try not to spill anything into the Breadman if you do, take the loaf tin out and cleanthe spillage.621. Lower the handle until it stops about25mm (1 inch) above the side of the loaf tin.22. Close the lid.EXTRAS23. Fruit, nuts, raisins, etc. can be put into thedispenser in the lid. Dont put them in yet they go in at stage 32 below. Theyll beadded automatically during the program.24. The extras should be dry, or as dry aspossible. If youre using fresh fruit orvegetables, pat them dry with kitchen towelbefore putting them into the dispenser. Ifyou dont, they may drip on the yeast, andstart it off early. 7. Setting the ControlsPlug your Breadman into the power socket (switch the socket on, if it has a switch).The machine will beep and the display will show flashing zeroes.SELECT PROGRAM25. Press and release the Select button until thepointer on the right of the display moves tothe program you want. It takes two presseseach to move through the first fourprograms, as RAPID will show up on alternatepresses. When the pointer reaches thebottom of the display (Bake only), thedisplay changes to show PERSONAL RECIPE 1.Further presses go through personal recipes2 to 5, then the pointer reappears at the topof the display.726. If you want to use one of the RAPIDprograms, leave it showing, if not, pressSelect again to remove it.27. If you go pass the setting you want, pressthe Stop/Reset button, to go back to the topof the display.SIZE OF LOAF28. To set the size of your bread, press andrelease the Size button to cycle the displaythrough 2LB/1.5LB/1LB. These represent500g, 750g, and 1.5kg respectively. It startsoff showing 2LB.29. The Size button doesnt operate on theCake, Jam, Pizza dough, Bake only, orPersonal Recipe programs.CRUST COLOUR30. Press and release the Crust button until thepointer on the left of the display moves tothe colour you want (Light, Medium, Dark).When the pointer reaches the bottom of thedisplay, the next press brings it back to thetop.31. The Crust button doesnt operate on theJam, Pizza dough, Bake only, or PersonalRecipe programs. 8. EXTRAS32. Lift the top of the dispenser, add fruit, nuts,raisins, etc., then close the dispenser. Theextras will be added automatically duringthe program.33. If youve added anything to the dispenser,press the Extras button to bring up ADDEXTRAS on the display. ADD EXTRAS doesntstay on the display, it pops up toacknowledge youve pressed the button, thenit disappears, to avoid cluttering the display.34. This function is not available on the Jam or8Bake only programs.START THE BREADMAN35. When youre happy with the settings, pressthe Start button, and watch the machineleap into action. The LED lights up, thetimer colon (:) flashes, the timer countsdown, to show the amount of time left, andthe display tells you which process is goingon.36. If youre using the Wholewheat or Jamprograms, nothing happens for between 5and 30 minutes. Dont worry, this isintentional. These recipes need this time topreheat the ingredients. PREHEAT will showon the left of the display.OOPS!37. If you discover youve made a mistake afterpressing Start, press and hold the Stop/Reset button, then reprogram the machine.Dont leave it too long. If the program is substantially into the cycle before you stopit, the results will be affected. In that case, you have to decide whether its best to:let the program r