DDT: Banned But Still With Us?

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DDT: Banned But Still With Us?

Jenkins Macedo, ES&P 14

What is It? Organic pollutant Insoluble in universal solvent (water) Residence period 20-30 years It bio-accumulates in our food chain Toxic and carcinogenic

Forms of DDT



Household Use

Agricultural Use

Malaria and other Diseases Control

Spatial Distribution Poverty and Malaria

DDT TOXICOLOGYModerate Toxicity(Warning)Low Toxicity(Caution)Very Low Toxicity(Caution)HighToxicity(Danger)Oral LD50 Less than 50 mg/kg50 - 500 mg/kg500 - 5000 mg/kgGreater than 5000 mg/kgInhalation LC50 Less than 0.2 mg/l0.2 - 2 mg/l2 - 20 mg/lGreater than 20 mg/lDermal LD50 Less than 200 mg/kg200 - 2000 mg/kg2000 - 5000 mg/kgGreater than 5000 mg/kgEye Effects CorrosiveIrritation persisting for 7 daysIrritation reversible within 7 daysNo irritationSkin Effects CorrosiveSevere irritation at 72 hoursModerate irritation at 72 hoursMild or slight irritation at 72

Source: National Pesticide Information Center (2000)

Federal and International Regulatory Agencies