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  • 1.Valentines Day is a holiday on the 14th February, celebrating loveand affection.Its named after Saint Valentine. According to thelegend, marriage was banned in Rome but Saint Valentinecontinued to marry people in secret.Although Valentines Day is considered an important part of theBritish and American year, it is not a national holiday. People stillhave work, school and partake in normal activities.

2. On Valentines Day, it is tradition to give cards, sweets andflowers to the person you love. In school, children sign cards andgive them to each other. Some teachers in primary schools, showthe children how to make these cards and encourage them togive them out. 3. Adults send each other letters, listen to love songs and go out forromantic dinners. There are certain things associated with Valentines Day. Its common to give red roses, big teddy bears and heart shaped gifts. 4. From your secret admirerA common thing that happens on Valentines Day is people leavecards for someone they fancy, but dont sign it with their name.They leave from your secret admirer.Another thing that people say to each other is be my Valentine! 5. Every year, terrible films and music are played everywhere. 6. This holiday is most popular in USA, although still a big traditionin UK. In USA, 190million Valentines Day cards are sent everyyear. If you include the ones sent in schools, the figure is 1 billion with teachers receiving the most!In UK, 1.6billion pounds is spent each year on Valentines Day! 7. Some people hate Valentines Daythough!Valentines Day can be a lonely time for some people. They get upsetthat they are single.