The Truth About Chocolate

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  • 1. The truth aboutChocolate

2. Chocolate is extracted from thebeansof the cocoa plant Beans are a vegetable 3. Sugar is extracted from sugar beat The Sugar beat is a vegetable 4. Thereforechocolateis a vegetable 5. Lets spin the theory further: 6. Chocolate bars contain milk Therefore chocolate bars are healthy!!! 7. Raisins, cherries, orange peels and strawberries are in chocolate They belong to the fruit family, so eat as much as you like 8. Chocolate is good for stress Just think : 9. " STRESSED read backwards means: "DESSERTS" 10. Send this to 4 women and lose 2 pounds. 11. Send this to all the chocolate lovers that you know and lose 5 pounds 12. If you delete this mail, youll put on 10 pounds right away 13. Thats why Im forwarding this mail I dont want to take the risk! 14. and end up likethis