The most popular game of all time, Flappy Birdis now available online

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  1. 1. THE MOST POPULAR GAME OF ALL TIME,FLAPPY BIRD IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE Ever since the most downloaded game on the app store, Flappy Bird, was taken down,millions of fans have been angered and dismayed. The game had created so much of abuzz that its popularity has still been on the rise even after its removal. Fans of the gamehave relentlessly pestered the creator to re-release the game but to no avail. The word ofthis game has spread very far and wide and people who have not played this game feelthat they have missed out on something really great. Every day, many people search theinternet to find other versions of the game or any other avenues by which they can playthis game. These people need not search much longer. The ever popular game can beplayed online at completely free of cost. The online version of thegame has proved to be an instant hit, both with the older fans and with new gamers. Itdoes not require any download or installation process and can be played by anyone on aweb browser with an active internet connection. Flappy Bird is very different from any other modern game in the market. It is not designedto overwhelm the user, but rather provides for an old style of gaming, something that hadlong been forgotten. The game has gathered massive success solely on these grounds.Players need not rack their brains or indulge in heavy gameplay to enjoy this game. Thegame features only a single control from the user and provides for complete unadulteratedfun. It can be played by anybody, anytime and anyplace. All sorts of people, even the oneswho are generally busy and others who travel a lot have taken a huge liking to this gameas it provides for quick action without too many hassles. The game, however, proves to bedifficult when it comes to making a good score. This has caused a lot of frustrationamongst users and has only led to them playing the game even more. Flappy Bird hasenjoyed a lot of success and even today, many people want to try out this provides this game to everybody, completely free.