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My slides for the short talk I'm giving at Shakespeare's Globe on 26th February 2013.


<ul><li> 1. Make Every Word Count- Theatre CaptioningLissy Lovett General Manager of STAGETEXT</li></ul> <p> 2. What Im going to cover What captioning is Why we do it How we do itActors warm-up prior to captionedperformance of Life is a Dream,Donmar Warehouse, 18 November 2009.Photographer: Matt Humphrey 3. Art and Access Disability ArtsAccess for audiences Art made byD/deafArt made bydeafened andanyonehard of hearing Captioning makes creativeslive events accessible to deaf, deafened and hardof hearing people who wish to accesstheatre in English d/Deaf Audiences deafened and made up of hard of hearinganyone audiences 4. What can you make out from this piece of spoken text?Sound file from the Universityof Manchester 5. What can you make outthis time? 6. Video created 7. Who uses captions? Deaf, deafened and hard of hearingpeople who wish to access plays in English People whose hearing is not as sharp as itused to be Hearing audiences People who have English as a second language Students studying plays Plays with difficult language (like Shakespeare!) Actors with bad diction, strong accents etc 8. Captioning conventionsAim is direct, non-interpretive access Full text of play, nothing omitted Character names included Sound and musical effects included Minimal interpretation Accents sometimes included Emotions rarely included Nothing is translated 9. Shakespeare captioning conventions Follow actors words, NOT original text Follow actors delivery, NOT as set out onpage Blank verseprose Semi-colons &amp; colonscommas &amp; full stops Spelling is modernised French accents are kept 10. Formatting 11. Final formatted captions 12. Romeo &amp; JulietWilliam ShakespeareAct I, scene 1Source - Massachusetts Instituteof Technology s Shakespearesite 13. Thank you! Captioned performance of Hansel and Gretel Northern Stage Photo: Linda Borthwick 14. Contact detailsLissy Lovett Tel: 020 7377 0540General ManagerMobile: 07813 139408STAGETEXT Floor, 54 Commercial St, E1 slides here Information on theatre access here</p>