Production Log Hayley McCarthy

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  • 1. Production Log Hayley McCarthy

2. How I went about my project I first started out on cubase finding midi tracks and VST instruments I could use that went along with the brief for my production. I used a keyboard to compose my music and by adding layers of music I created my soundtrack. This had various instruments such as drums, claps and a piano. 3. Here is a screen shot below 4. As you can see in the screen shot how I went about layering sound using various tracks and instruments. This way it not only went along with my brief it also worked great as a sound track. 5. My SFX My SFX were taken from youtube due to the fact that they fitted well with my advert compared to other SFX I looked at. 6. Dialogue I had my dialogue already scripted as this was one of the key elements to my project that I did first. Therefore I wrote down exactly how I wanted to describe my advert so it will be clear for all to understand and interpret my advert. 7. I then exported the files and put them onto audacity and named them in a folder with my original sound track and others I had then created. 8. I then used flash player to create my final video. 9. My project completed on flash player