Planning A Citrus Infused Central Florida Vacation

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If you enjoy a tall, cold glass of orange juice, consider a vacation to find out exactly where these oranges come from.

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  • 1. Planning A Citrus-Infused Central Florida Vacation Presented by Central Florida Visitors And Convention Bureau
  • 2. Why Florida, Why Citrus?If you enjoy a tall, cold glassof orange juice, consider avacation to find out exactlywhere these oranges come from.There are thousands of acresof citrus groves in Central Florida, which means a CentralFlorida vacation isnt complete without visiting the top citrusrelated hot spots.
  • 3. Exploring Citrus Groves Last year, Polk County produced more citrus than any other county in Florida. Polk County produced 29.8 million 13/5 bushel boxes with more than 82,000 acres. If youre interested in visiting groves or other attractions, call first because some are only open seasonally.
  • 4. Floridas Natural Growers Grove House The Floridas Natural Growers Grove House offers visitors free orange juice samples and exhibits that show off the history of Floridas official state fruit. The Grove House is open seasonally from October through Memorial Day and admission is always free.
  • 5. Ridge Island Groves Ridge Island Groves is a family owned business thats been growing quality citrus for more than 20 years. Visitors can pick their own fruit directly from the groves and guests receive a free five pound bag (for filling) with the purchase of two tours. Ridge Island Groves is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • 6. The Orange RingThe Orange Ring is aCentral Florida landmarkwith its unique roundbuilding.Visitors can find Ruby RedGrapefruit, Navel Oranges and Honeybell Tangelos.The gift shop has all types of Florida souvenirs, including jams,jellies, candies and novelty items. (Open seasonally.)
  • 7. Lang Sun Country Groves & Taste of Florida CafeThe Taste of Florida Cafe at Lang SunCountry Groves is famous for its grapefruitpie and the recipe has been featured on theFood Network.The Cafe squeezes more than 150 gallons of orange juice every day andserves it alongside a variety of sandwiches, soups and salads.The Cafe is open seasonally, October through May, and is closed onSundays.
  • 8. Davidson of DundeeDavidson of Dundee has beengrowing oranges, grapefruits andtangerines since the early 1900s.See citrus candies, chocolates,marmalades and jellies beingmade the old fashioned way in the Davidson of Dundee candyfactory.A visit to Davidson of Dundee is one of the things to do inCentral Florida that you must not miss.
  • 9. Webbs Candy ShopWebbs Candy Shop offers everythingfrom citrus candy, to peanut brittle andhand-dipped chocolates.Webbs Candy Shop has been familyowned since 1932.The shop is famous for its goat milk fudge and exotic, regionalwines, including vegetable and citrus wines.Webbs Candy Shop is open year round, seven days a weekfrom 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
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