Empire, Total Film, Sight & Sound, Uncut, Little White Lies and SFX.

Matt c film magazine research

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Page 1: Matt c film magazine research

Empire, Total Film, Sight & Sound, Uncut, Little White Lies and SFX.

Page 2: Matt c film magazine research

Published by Bauer Consumer Media Issues cost £3.99 and are released monthly. Published monthly – sold in newsagents Targeted at males and females aged between 20

and 50+, with an interested in films. Mostly features Hollywood films and mass market

films. Masthead – Upper case, sans – serif, red on a

grey background (stands out). Art Deco style font. Layout – Showcase stars on the front cover.

Page 3: Matt c film magazine research

Published by Future publishing (Total film & SFX) Issues cost £3.99 – sold in newsagents Published monthly Targeted at 15 – 45 year olds Often for males, but not

exclusively so. New releases Mass market Hollywood - main stream movies Total film is definitive – exclusively about film Red, white and black colours – Sans Serif block letters,

powerful looking, dominant. Suggests latest information, lots of images featuring


Page 4: Matt c film magazine research

Costs £3.95 per monthly issue Governed by a Royal charter (granted by the

Queen). Not a commercial enterprise – Funded by the

government and other streams. Academic magazine (niche magazine) Targeted at students and people interested in the

academic study of film aged between 16 and 60. Contains in-depth detailed interviews The magazine is about the sensory aspect of film.

Page 5: Matt c film magazine research

Published by IPC Media Costs £4.80 per issue Monthly magazine Targeted predominantly at 25 – 45 year old men. Focuses on music and movies The average age of Uncut readers is 37. Uncut is a hybrid magazine, as it contains a mix of

music and film articles/reviews. Uncut is a mass market film and music magazine

and it is a magazine sold in newsagents.

Page 6: Matt c film magazine research

Costs £6.00 per issue Church of London publish this magazine (possibly a small

publishing group). Published bi-monthly (every 2 months) British Independent Movie Magazine – Features writing,

illustration and photography. Artistic film magazine, features one main movie which is on the

front cover. Niche audience – people with an interest in graphic design,

artistic interest in film. Targeted at both men and women aged 18 - 30 interested in an

alternative style of magazine. Independent with choice of film Views and opinions Non conventional, very stylised, quite appealing to audiences.

Page 7: Matt c film magazine research

Published by Future (horizontal integration – cornering the market by having a specialist and mass marketed magazine.

Specialist interest/target audience Costs £4.50 per Issue – Sold in newsagents. Published monthly Target audience – non age, non gender specific – For

people interested in that type of movie. Special effects associated with sci-fi style films. Non conventional style font, gradient of colour – up to date,

contemporary, futuristic. £20 per 6 month digitally Blue hue/neon greens/whites – Dramatic front cover

image, follow typical conventions.

Page 8: Matt c film magazine research

I found out that music magazines mostly carry a higher price than conventional magazines; most are published monthly except Little White Lies. It is possible to view Little White Lies issues on the internet for free instead of buying the issue for £6.00. I didn’t think that there were only six film magazines, however I feel this number is about right because conventional magazines are a dying breed, and are in decline as a result of people viewing magazines on line and purchasing magazines as apps. Blogs are also providing competition as people are able to produce their own reviews and articles to a high standard which people can view for free on the internet. Also as a result of the current economic climate less people are purchasing magazines (especially film and specialist interest magazines which are more expensive).