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  • 1. Iron Man 3 I will be analysing the film opening of Iron Man 3. Iron Man 3 (2013) is an action film directed by Shane Black. It is an American superhero movie featuring the Marvel comics character Iron Man and it was distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The film starts Robert Downey jr who stars as the title character Iron Man.
  • 2. The opening title sequence of Iron Man 3 shows a lot of narrative as it creates enigma codes and is filled with binary oppositions. I can apply Roland bathes theory on enigma codes as the fast paced editing shows brief images of the narrative leaving the audience guessing on what will happen in the narrative. One of the enigma codes i picked up was when the protagonist and his female pressed up against the wall as if they was going to kiss however the scene cut before we could see.
  • 3. Enigma Codes: Who is he fighting? What is the relation between him and the girl? Whats wrong with his chest? It creates binary oppositions that are usual conventions of the action film genre as the storyline will automatically creates these binary oppositions. Binary Oppositions: Good Vs. Evil Protagonist Vs. Antagonist Peace Vs. War