Guitar humor-its fun learning music

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<p> 1. GUITAR HUMOR Its fun learning music 2. MUSICIAN JOKES Ornette Coleman Douchebag Guitar Player Apple Guitars 3. A PINCH OF HUMOR Facebook settings Low fidelity Music Notation 4. GUITARISTS KNOW THAT IS EXACTLY HOW GUITARS WORK 5. FUN WITH LANGUAGE AND MUSICAL NOTATION 6. EAR-TRAINING THE JAWS THEME HALF STEPS 7. MOST ADDICTIVE MUSIC SITES Artist Facts: You can learn super fun trivia, like Freddie Mercury had a stamp collection, or that British scientist named a dinosaur after Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits. Cracked: Contains a collection of funny blog posts about bands &amp; musicians. Music Quotes: Best music related quotes can be found here. Ref: 8. REACH US OUT </p>