Final draft scriptwriter's suite [final draft 7 & final draft av2]

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  • 1. Final Draft Scriptwriters Suite [Final Draft 7 &Final Draft AV2]Final Draft Scriptwriters Suite offers you anall-in-one screenwriting suite. This combinationof screenwriting tool and audio/visual scriptprocessing offers you a full-featured solution towriting the best scripts and screenplays. Youhave a story to tell - let Final Draft help you writeit! Includes Final Draft and Final Draft AV.

2. ScriptCompare highlights changes in any twoscripts, showing storytellers the differencesbetween files Handles multiple revisions, settingoff revised text with custom color and marginmarks Scripts are interchangeable - If one iscreated in Final Draft or Final Draft AV 2.0, it canbe imported into the other Make separate shotswithin a scene, add custom headers & footersand much more Scripts can be viewed in multiplelayouts Pagination tool automatically formats toindustry standards Storyboarding with AppleKeynote - Export text from a script to add to yourstoryboard 100% cross-platform -- Never havetrouble switching formats between Windows andMacintosh again Read moreProduct FeatureHave separate shots in a scene, whileqmaintaining its alignment, no matter where textis added or subtracted from the sceneChoose from over 50 television, movie andqstageplay templates as a base for yourscreenplayParagraphs are always aligned while you type,qthanks to Automatic Formatting 3. SmartType remembers and fills in characterqnames, scene headings, transitions, locationsand morePanel organizing system lets you view yourqscript, the outline and the index cards at thesame time