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Jacqueline Rivera Art Assignment AMST

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  • 1.David LaChapelleJacqueline RiveraAugust 1,2012

2. David LaChapelle 3. BiographyDavid LaChapelle was born March 11, 1963 inFairfield Connecticut.LaChapelles photography career began in the 1980s.He began showing his artwork in New York City andcaught the eye of Andy Warhol.Warhol gave LaChapelle his first job as aphotographer at Interview Magazine. Thephotographs got him positive attention and got himshooting for a variety of top editorial publications.LaChapelles work has graced covers and pages offamous magazines like Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. 4. ContemporaryPhotographer and Director LaChapelle has been able to photographer many personalities like Madonna, David Beckham, Jeff Koons and many more. LaChapelle also branched out to direct music videos, live theatrical events and documentary films. Some examples of artist he directed for are Christina Aguilera, Moby, Jennifer Lopez, No Doubt and others. His stage work includes Elton Johns The Red Piano. In 2006 LaChapelle decides to minimize his involvement in commercial photography and return to his roots by focusing on fine art photography He has had record breaking solo museum exhibitions. 5. AwardsFeatured Speaker, National Geographic MagazinePhotography Seminar 2012OUT in Art Award By Glaad AwardBest New Photographer of the Year by both FrenchPhoto and American Photo magazinesICP Infinity Award for Applied PhotographyPhotographer of the Year Award at the VH-1Fashion AwardsAnd many more 6. Website

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