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Evaluation Question 1

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The Title of the Film

The title of the film is shown at the end of the trailer as it keeps the audience watching. The name of the film is Delilah which suggests the film is character driven which is a

convention for a character driven film for example, Juno. We chose the name Delilah due to the biblical reference of the name. Meaning of

betrayal which is key in our trailer.

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We followed the conventions of having titles over the shots between the action. Mostly over general views.

We decided to make our own logo for the studio using two different types of font. We chose white font over the black to emphasise the minimalistic look of the film package. The title has a slight motion as it increases in size.

Moon Flower font has been used for the titles, it is a illustrative typeface which makes it more personal and unique. We have challenged the conventions of having bold titles as we felt it fit in with the genre of the film .

In each sh0t with a title we included a film leaks added in After Effects. This made the title shots stand out from the rest as they were slightly different.

We chose to put the title on screen over general views as it flowed better and matched the effect of the trailer

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Visual Images & Narrative

We followed the conventions of short visual images to build up the narrative from many different shots and angles.

The use of the record as the visual motif which is repeated throughout the trailer as it is how they meet.

We used a variety of shot types to show them together, to imply that they are in a relationship.

Visual images are used to represent the narrative for example, the low angle shot of the two birds to represent the breakdown of the relationship and echoes them going separate ways.

We followed the key convention for trailers to have the shots in non-chronological order to set up the narrative but wanted it to be subtle to not give too much away about the storyline.

Not much revealed from the narrative but what is shown is through visual images.

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We followed trailer conventions to include effects to enhance the visuals of the trailer.

We chose to create a split screen on after effects to show the two characters meeting. The girl looks up first which implies that she has seen him first. The split screen is also used in 500 Days of Summer which is one of the influences for our film trailer. I gives the trailer a vintage and unique feel.

The time lapse we created on Lightroom with a collection of photographs taken every 10 seconds this is to represent of the time passing.

To imply the unique and vintage look of the film we used film leaks over the stop of the credit shots.

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Camera Angles

We thought about using unusual angles to imply that is not a typical romance movie. The angles reveal more about the characters and the relationships. The intense shots represent the intense characters and the relation between them.

The films is not about the events it is about the developing and breakdown of relationships and breaking conventions with the female character destroying the relationship. As it is usually in stereotypical romance films that the male is not faithful and creates tension in the relationship.

We have followed the convention of a variety of shot types in the trailer to show different aspects and point of views of the characters and narrative. We tried to make the shots as naturalistic as possible.

By using unusual framing it makes the audience think more about the narrative and characters.

Focus pulls and throws are used to create dramatic shots to focus the action in either the foreground or the background. It helps to focus on an important aspect in the shot from the setting or a certain character.

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We used a variety of shots to reveal the location for the narrative e.g wide angle shot of the main character walking on cobbled roads and looking over the town.

Filming in a range of locations helped to build up the storyline The location of the shots anchors the genre of the film.

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A range of sounds is used in the trailers. We used the convention of utilising multiple soundtracks for different sections; the beginning, middle and end.

The first sound used is the crackling of the record to echo the visual motif and smoothly merge into the first record shot of the character putting on the music.

We developed the sound conventions by transferring from on screen to off screen sound when the record is playing.

The Beatles is played at the start of the trailer which follows the conventions of typical independent romance films. However, it challenges conventions as the song includes lyrics.

The music change occurs when the narrative changes when there is a quick montage of shots of the relationship developing, this is a typical convention for the music to change when the action changes or occurs.

We challenged the convention of having dialogue in our trailer as we wanted to show the narrative though the visuals e.g shot types and Mis-en-Scene (especially facial expressions and body language.)

However, we developed the dialogue conventions by having a voice over spoken by the main character. A quote from Marylin Monroe about love which gives the audience a sense of the plot.