Cadbury Cakes

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Text of Cadbury Cakes

  • 1. The Cake Shop

2. Presented By:-Nikunj Shah
Reena Alva
3. Cadburys Overview
Brands like Cadbury, Tridentand Halls.
Starts back in 1824 by John Cadbury.
Opened a shop in Birmingham, England selling among other things, tea and cocoa and chocolate.
4. 5. 6. 7. A few facts and figures
We make and sell three kinds of confectionery: chocolate,gum, candy andnow even cakes.
We operate in over 60 countries.
John Cadbury opened for business in 1824 - making us nearly 200 years young.
We work with around 35,000 direct and indirect suppliers.
We employ around 45,000 people.
Every day millions of people around the world enjoy our brands.
8. 9. Our three largest brands
Cadbury in chocolate.
Trident in gum.
Halls in candy

  • Other important brands

10. In chocolate 11. Crme Egg, Flake and Green & Blacks 12. In Gum 13. Hollywood, Stimorol, Dentyne, Clorets and Bubbaloo. 14. In Candy 15. Eclairs 16. Natural Confectionery