Burning! burning stone, burning water, burning ice

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I am working in Kenya Wildlife Service as a volunteer of environmental teacher. This presentation is about introduction of resources, such as coal, oil, hydro. Also I introduced about alternative energy resources.


  • 1. Burning! Burning stone, Burning water,Burning iceK.W.S. Malindi Marine Park JICA/JOCV 23-1 Takatoshi AKAI

2. Outline Burning stone Burning water Burning ice What will be happened if we use them? Solutions 3. Burning Stone 4. Burning Water 5. Burning Ice 6. How coal created? Sand RockSand Rock 7. How oil created? SandOceanRock Oil comes upOilSand WaterRock Clay Slate Clay SlateDead creatures Clay made bysank under the sea pressured dead body 8. How Methane Hydrate created? Methane Hydrate 9. What will happen,if we continue to use them? Drought Sink in the seaMelt down NaturalNorth Pole Disaster 10. Solutions Use alternative resourcessWind Energy Water EnergySolar Energy Geothermal EnergyBio EthanolHydrogen EnergyEmit CO2 Absorb CO2CornSugar caneWheat Bio energy 11. Conclusion We use oil and coal for daily life. However, those materials enhance globalwarming. We have to shift from oil and coal toalternative resources.


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